Why is counting so hard…..

I did it again.  As I was happily stitching along last night on the Lincoln Sampler I realized I had stitched part of it wrong.  Sigh… and the real kicker was I had already ripped part of that section out once since I had stitched it wrong and restitched it in a different wrong way. LOL    I’m definitely not ripping it back and it won’t matter in the grand scheme of things – only I will know it is different.   Before I pick it up to stitch on again, I need to add some notes to my chart to make sure I mirror the mistake on the other side and then I will work on getting a divider border row done below the area I need to adjust so that I know from that  divider line above, things are off and I shouldn’t count from any motif above to get correct placement.  Sometimes I just make things more difficult for myself but I’m glad I figured it out now when it won’t really matter and can easily deal with it moving forward.  Anyway here’s my progress so far.


It took me a really long time to figure out what is behind the scales of justice – I was going to leave it out if I couldn’t figure out vwhat it was. The main chart image on this is not very clear – it’s printed sort of blurry and small so not even all of that motif looks like it shows up in the image due to the colors. I looked at the chart – still couldn’t tell – but there is a separate image inside the chart in color that is spread across two pages and here I could finally tell it’s a bust of “Justice is Blind”. Part of the problem was the colors in the chart used for that. Her hair and dress are really not white (but a color very similar looking to white and the “skin” area is supposed to be DMC white but there is not a discernable difference between those two colors so it just looked like a white blob. The color for her dress/hair is Mocha Brown Ultra Very Light and DMC white is what is used in the circle area of the ribbon below it – yep looks the same color to me too. 🙂 So I just stitched it with a flesh tone so I can actually tell what it is.

Today will be a stitching or sled assembly or stitching or getting chores done, or stitching or pulling floss for kitting up my Thanksgiving start stitch or St. Nicholas Day stitch (which I still haven’t decided what that one will be). Both my attorneys were going to be out of the office very early for the day so instead of working in the office, I worked from home today till 10:00 and now am punched out for the rest of the day. When I stuck my head out the door to take the photo above in natural light, I decided staying in my jammies and robe might be a good plan for the day. It’s in the 30s today – dark and dreary and was raining a bit earlier and there’s that crispness in the air that feels like we just might see the first snowflake or two of the season before the day is over.

Jammies, comfy quilt, more coffee and my stitching is the majority of my plan for the day.

3 comments on “Why is counting so hard…..

  1. That is really looking good! Good call on making changes on Lady Justice! I hate ripping back and I had to do that last night on my Land of the Free. I had seen someone make a comment on how houses can be taxing and I’m in trouble cause I have a lot of houses and I’m getting tired on the first one! lol…It’s the red one. I’m going to have to decide when I should work on it. Might have to pick a couple of days a week to focus on it and fill in my time with the other one I’m working. I wasn’t planning on starting one on Thanksgiving but I bought 4 of the Little Sheep Virtues and Gratitude was one of them. Gratitude I think works nicely….and it’s little! 🙂

  2. Really like your Honest Abe stitch.

    I just finished October Sampler. Don’t even remember how many things I had to unstitch! I made quite a few color changes and really love it.

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