Sunday Stitch Stitched – Eliza M. Stone 1881

My first Sunday Stitch project was so near completion Sunday night that I finished the last part of the border last night.


Mine is a modified  version of the chart.  It does not include the section with Eliza’s name or her school on it that should go  below the last alphabet.   I had planned to put my Aunt’s name in that area along with her birthday or city /state (which city is not the correct word since it’s an unincorporated little bump in the road where she lives but very pretty with a river running thru).   And as I was trying to decide what information to add for her (and contemplating calling her since I was having a mental block on her middle initial) fate intervened and there was an incident  – yes a soda splotch incident – which caused me to make it a shorter version without that info.  So I added on the last section and changed up the spacing on those words a bit so that I could put her initials at the end of the line.  I love how it turned out and it is such a sweet little thing – just under 6″ square.  Well it might not be truly square but it’s close so I need to check and see if I have a frame that may work for this one.

I have gotten several emails saying how much the commenter liked this stitch and that they were waiting to see if they were ucky enough to get it when I offer it for  chart  adoption.  This one will not be put up for a flash chart adoption- it was a pdf chart purchased with a donation to charity so if you want to stitch it (and it was a most enjoyable stitch so I highly recommend it)  just go to the Whilst Iris Naps website to get it).

So next Sunday I can start on a new Sunday Stitch project.  I was going to do the one that Judy has planned to start next and I still may, or I’m contemplating starting Little Deeds.  But that decision can wait until later this week.