Sunday November 7, 2021

Gosh the Fall season really seems to be flying by.    It’s a sunny but blustery day here and has been really windy for the whole last week.    Did you remember to change your clocks (if you live in an area where that happens).  It was always confusing when my parents lived in Arizona because where they lived didn’t change so one part of the year they were 1 hr different from me and the other part of the year they were 2 hrs.

progress 11-1-21This morning – a few little chores were done, I’m waiting on a grocery delivery, need to start some laundry, and then I may turn to my Sunday Stitches project after last Sunday and I had changed the letter L in the last alphabet section to be a pink ribbon symbol since this chart is a breast cancer fundraiser.

And here’s the progress I made on the Lincoln Sampler yesterday.  I wanted to get one of he sections of the far left border stitched because I wanted to make sure that the two golden colors in that would show up on my fabric and they do.    And I really like the twisted ribbon.   The light colored area (not white but it looks like that) I’m working on at the top is part of a large  scales of justice motif.


6 comments on “Sunday November 7, 2021

  1. I really like how your Sunday stitching is coming out. I still need to start mine! I was about to gather everything and then serge the edges of my fabric as I was going to try using the sewing by hand method for this but then got sidetracked by an issue with a different pdf chart I bought. I bought Land of the Free to mark Veteran’s Day for my husband but as I gathered the floss I noticed there was no red or blue called for and yet it shows in the photo of the completed project. I emailed the seller and designer but I think I will eventually have to find substitutions on my own. I can go support my local shop with floss buying.

      • It’s Land of the Free designed by Kimberly Mueller. I downloaded it from Willow Hill Samplings on Etsy. After awhile I saw that a print copy was also available on a couple of sites. I had to change almost all of the floss as the colors didn’t match. I didn’t know that colors change over time and I think this chart was from 2009.

  2. I’m enjoying your stitching, you do beautiful work. But I’m wondering whether I missed something… are you no longer knitting, or just not blogging about the knitting? I miss the knitting, especially the projects you used to do on the bus! Thank you for showing your stitching though… I DO like that!

    • I think I’ve talked in the past about how I got burned out on knitting after I broke my arm and when it was finally healed enough that I could knit a bit rather than just sitting and doing nothing, that’s what burned me out since it was the only thing I could do for a very long time. Just like I got burned out on quilting and quilt designing – I then switched to knitting ; burnt out on knitting, switched back to cross stich which I had stopped doing when I first started quilting. It seems to go in cycles. I plan to pick up my quilting again this winter. I will likely knit this winter too as there’s some sweaters I want to finish and others I want to start, but I also have been contemplating getting rid of a lot of yarn I know I will never knit up. The local Good Will may find some lovely yarn donations coming it’s way. As for the bus knitting – due to COVID I haven’t ridden the bus in almost two years so there’s definitely been no bus knitting.

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