A Start, A Finish, and A WIP

In cross stitch speak, a “finish” is a project you have finished all the stitching on; a “fully finished” in whatever way you choose be it framed, made into a flat fold, a pin pillow, ornament, etc.

My finish for this week is the stitch I’m going to fully finish on the My Favorite Chauffeur book cover.  I just made it up as I went along and I’m very pleased with how it turned out.


I finished that early in the week and picked up a WIP (work in progress) called Merry Noel by With Thy Needle and Thread. 


It as the word NOEL in big letters in the background and then some random snowflake doodads sprinkled across he background.  The bird has a little ribbon tied round his neck which I may just stitch over in a different color – it shows up better in person but still pretty much looks like the bird’s head is not connected to the body.

Then about 11PM on November 4 as I was stitching on Noel it suddenly popped into my head that Nov. 4 was the day I had planned to start stitching the Lincoln Sampler as it was Mary and Abe’s wedding anniversary.  I had all the floss kitted up and grabbed the fabric, which I had purchased a while ago, and thought I’d put just a few stitches in it.


The fabric was some I had ordered from Etsy and came wrapped in a tube.  I had cut off smaller pieces of another color I had ordered from the same dyer and although a bit stiffer than I normally like, it was fine to stitch on.  This piece felt awful.  It felt like it had a plasticy coating on it and when I tried to stitch on it, the holes seemed clogged up and dragged on the floss as I pulled it through.  I looked more closely and could see what I can only assume is starch clogging the holes and that was what was making it feel wierd – way too much starch on it.  Ripped out my few stitches while muttering a few bad words to myself.  Nothing to do but (1) start Lincoln on a different fabric if I had one and (2) run the starchy fabric under water to try to remove the starch and make it useable rather than toss it in the trash (more on that fabric later).

So I had a gorgeous piece of  Fiber on A Whim (Zwiegart base) in the color Brick.   This may be my new favorite color and I definitely need to get more when it comes back in stock.  It’s even a bit darker than showing up  – reminds me of gingerbread cookies.  I may need to change a few floss colors as I go along if they don’t show up enough on this fabric but I think most will work and  some of the colors I had already chosen brighter shades of  to start with although I am mostly using the called for colors.   So on Nov. 4 just as it was midnight, I had stitched the letters E, S and part of N in the word Honest so I followed thru with my November 4 start.  So here’s where I am after working on it again last night.  I started in the center and am working my way over the the left border so I can start working on that.


This fabric is 18 count (rather than the 20 count I had originally planned) so my project’s stitched area will end up being 19.5″ x 20.75″ – definitely a big boy. I have several large projects planned in the not too distant future so none of them will progress real quickly as I’ll be jumping back and forth between them but hope to have them all finished within a year after I start them.   Time will tell if I can stick to that plan.   So I’ll keep working on this one (other than when doing my Sunday Stitch on, well, Sundays of course)  for most of the rest of November — until Thanksgiving (or perhaps Thanksgiving Eve) when I will start another large project, The First Thanksgiving by Twin Peaks Primitives.

I did get all the rest of my stitched sled pieces trimmed to size so will be planning a sled finishing weekend to get them all attached to their sleds.  I just ordered more two-side archival tape to make sure I don’t run out midway thru sled construftion.


So there is my stitching week in review.