Sunday Stitches Progress on 10-31-21



Here’s where I had left off a week ago on my Sunday Stitches project.

Some of those letters in the the two rows in progress are a bit hard to distinguish what letter they are.  For instance the “Q” – yeah if I saw that letter  out of context with all the other letters I would have no idea what it was.     

Same thing when I got to the letter “L” – I just didn’t like it.


Here’s where I left off last night.  I didn’t get as much stitching time in as I might have liked but I made good progress.

progress 11-1-21

And, I solved the issue with the L that I didn’t like – which looked very similar to a backwards Q.  I ripped it back out and in it’s place stitched the pink ribbon for breast cancer symbol  which looks much more like a cursive “L” than what was in the chart.  Time to get this packed away until next Sunday.

This morning I got 2 or 3 sled pieces all trimmed up.   Not sure what I’ll work on tonight but I have several choices.