Sunday – October 31, 2021

Happy Halloween.   Now is the perfect time to share a photo of a quilt Libby sent me of her Halloween Quilt made from blocks from one of the block swaps I ran many years ago.    Libby in TN – you can visit her blog Life on the Hill  -for all kinds of quilty inspiration.  This was a block swap from the Fall of 2014!  Libby sent me the photo last fall and said I could share it and I just found it sitting in my photos and remembered I never posted it so Halloween day seems the perfect day to share it!


This of course reminds me of all those packets of block swap blocks waiting to be made into something pretty.   🙂  In looking at Libby’s quilt, the block up from the lower right corner block – Black star with jack-o-lanterns in the middle  -is one I think I made.  That was one of my favorite Halloween fabrics.  Thank you Libby for sharing and bringing back some fun memories of swapping days.  And of course that lovely backdrop of the fall trees and lake outside her home is a fantastic setting.

Here’s a better photo of the piece I just finished to put on a large sled.  Got this one all trimmed up last night so it’s ready to affix to the sled.


And after finishing off the sled piece, I got my floss all on the tags and pulled some Fiber on a Whim, 18 count in the color Milk and Honey and got a bit of a start on the border for the Owl Forest “Peahen Bird” kit.  The floss is so pretty and it’s still wavy from being twisted into little hanks but it is very nice to stitch with.   I got a start on the border late last night.  I started in the top center because I wasn’t going to have a huge amount of extra fabric on the sides since my fabric piece was a fat eighth.  It’s still plenty to frame it but I wanted to make sure I really got it centered on the piece so the top right border edge is the halfway mark for the top border.  There is lovely light to dark shading in each of the flosses and it’s not really showing in the stitched piece in the photo but it adds a lot of interest to the stitch.


I might have had to order a new project bag to keep all my redbird wall stitches in – with cardinals on the front of course – and another to keep it company will in transit since I spent part of yesterday taking all the piled up projects out of my stitching basket on my table and putting each project back into a bag so floss rings and other things don’t get separated. But I needed just a few more bags to house all the long-term projects I will be starting before the end of the year and working on thru next year to keep them organized.

Today is Sunday Stitches day so when I get some stitching time later I’ll be working on that. I also think today is the day I will pull out the other sled stitches and get them trimmed down to size which is not difficult but you have to really pay attention since they are trimmed thru one set of holes in the perforated paper OUTSIDE where the last stitch is. One slip of the scissors and it would be a bad thing. 🙂

3 comments on “Sunday – October 31, 2021

  1. Wow, I really love the thread color variation and changes for your Owl Forest project. I went and looked at ordering some of their floss last night but doing so late in the evening isn’t really a good idea…lol I was getting confused at how they marked it. I think I figured out they are bundling it by the thread count of fabric used and how much floss you would need for the project. Since they don’t list 18 ct Aida, I’m trying to decide if I need the bundles of what they call 2 thread floss or the bigger 3 thread floss. If I order it’s probably going to be a number of bundles so I want to make sure I’m not spending more than I need but also want to make sure I have enough. I have that problem with quilt fabric in general. I usually always get more than a pattern calls for because what’s better than scraps? lol

  2. My quilt from a set of block swap blocks from you is hanging on my dining room wall this year. I love it. And I have that same star.

    • That’s great. Now I’m wondering did I make anything with my swap blocks yet? I know there were several halloween quilts I made, some I donated, and some may be just tops. Someday I shall investigate and see what the status is.

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