Eliza revisited, Santa Claus and a finishing item….

It gets dark so early now (and it’s been so cloudy and rainy for days so that hasn’t helped) but I wanted to show where I left off last Sunday on Eliza so I quickly got a photo tonight after I finished work (good thing I was working from home today).  Here’s how far I had gotten after all my ripping out of the initial letters, changing colors, etc. which I prior explained.  I do like the addition of the lighter shade for my initials and will add it randomly on some of the inner dividing lines.  This has been put away until next Sunday.



I did finally get a little order I had placed at Hobby Lobby today – it took forever to get here.  I ordered something that I might use as a gift  so won’t show that – unless I decide to keep it for myself which may likely happen. 🙂  I ordered these adorable Christmas Die cuts which are the perfect size and weight to use as floss tags – slightly heavier than a business card. – quintessential vintage Christmas look.


I saw them on a floss tube (Sherri at ColoradoCrossStitcher  had ordered some and said the item was on sale and was back in stock at Hobby Lobby) and as I was working on my order at that exact moment, grabbed several packets which were incredibly cheap  on sale, and after placing my order it shows as out of stock so I (or someone else ordering at the same time) must have gotten the last ones.   These will be so cute to use.  Instead of starting a new project on Christmas Day, I may have a new project start on St. Nicholas Day (Dec. 6), which will space it nicely between my November 4 (Mary and Abe Lincoln’s Anniversary) start on the Lincoln Sampler and my December 31/January1 New Year’s project start, and these tags will be perfect for that.  Hmm oh yeah that Thanksgiving start falls in there too so I’ll  have lots of big projects in the works to switch back and forth between.

And the new finishing piece I got in that order was this.  I cut off the top just slightly in the photo – the decorative dowel on the top is not much longer than what is shown.

finishing iem

Not sure what I’ll put on this but at was a bargain at half price.  It will need to be painted because it’s unfinished and the border is just pressed board type wood but it will fit about a 5 x 7″ stitched piece and it could do double duty – you could put a stitched piece on both front and back.