Yesterday’s Progress on Eliza M Stone 1881

My Sunday Stitches project – I was this far when I realized hmmmmm, my stitching does not look exactly like the chart when I had counted down to start the next row in the middle.  So I investigated.


I decided to stitch my initials where they appear in each alphabet in a lighter shade of purple.  Of course I decided that after stitching the first two rows in the darker purple.  Then when I stitched the first two of my initials in the third row I decided the color I was using was too pepto pink so ripped both those out along with the dark purple initials for my name in the top two rows.   Restitched them all in a lighter pinky/purple color and now I’m happy with the color combo.

Heads up to anyone stitching this – in the third row of letters  (the lower case letters) – after the letter “g”, the rest of the letters don’t have their bottom stitch along the same line of stitching as the ones before the “g.”  After the “g” they are one stitch higher.  Not an error in the chart – just the way it is charted – perhaps Eliza liked it that way or after she stitched it she thought “oh no, it’s off but I’m not going to change it.”    I am going with the “I’m not going to change it” since I didn’t notice it until I had finished all that row.    I was in the stitching zone and never even noticed it.   Of course I did stop to check the chart to make sure none of the future rows are similar to that and they all seem “normal.”  I just need to figure out if the border line that goes on either side of the last lower case alphabet row needs to be moved  or if the spacing will be fine where it is.

Some of the divider lines – where there are just a few letters at the end of the alphabet in a single row – also have that divider line stitched higher on one side of the letters than the other.  I think I will likely just stitch the so they are straight across those lines.