Home of a Quilter – Chart Adoption Stitch by Carol

One of the chart adoptions that I mailed out was the Home of a Quilter from the Told in a Garden Series.  Carol Pifer was the lucky recipient of that chart and sent me a photo of her finished stitch to share.  Thank you so much Carol for letting me show your lovely stitching.

carol Pifer's Home of a Quilter  Isn’t this gorgeous!  I tried to make the photo a bit larger but it just made it blurry but look at all those color changes.  And I of course love all the quilts in it and that stove.  My Granny had a very similar style stove (gas not wood burning) with the bit black stove pipe.  The other thing I like about this series of charts is they have the name of the chart stitched right into the design.  I had to look back because I knew  I had not mailed this chart out to Carol very long ago.  I put the chart in the mail to her on September 13!  That’s a whole lot of stitching to be accomplished since she would have received it.  Congratulations Carol for a lovely stitch!

Carol also said she’s happy to pass the chart along to another adoptee to stitch but since she doesn’t have a blog herself,  I will post it here as a Flash Chart Adoption (see rules in button at top of blog on how to  play along).  So you know what to do if you are interested in adopting this chart.  Once the Flash Adoption is closed and a recipient randomly chosen, I will email the recipient  for their mailing address and pass that along to Carol so she can mail out the chart to the next lucky stitcher.

I might have just started a new stitch a short time ago!  Yep I know I have several in the works but this one is a Christmas gift that I’d like to get done sooner rather than later and it will be a really really quick stitch.  If any of you watch Lori Holt’s flosstubes, a while ago she showed a stitch that she finished into a flat and attached to the front cover of an old book.  The fabric cover on the old book had a color that complimented her stitching and it is  another great  non-framing way to finish  a stitch since you can stand the book up and it stands by itself with the covers slightly opened on a table, shelf or bookshelf.    I was looking for something else and stumbled upon  the perfect book with the perfect title, so my plan was hatched and  my stitching will not cover up the title of the book because it is perfect.   And then I found a motif  to go with it so just need to chart out some words to go with it.  The stitching itself will go very quickly.  So I’ll share my progress and book I’ll be using in a new post – I don’t think the recipient reads my blog but EDITH!! if you do, then you just need to stop reading it until after Christmas or ruin the surprise for yourself!!! 🙂

10-24-21 — FLASH CHART ADOPTION HAS ENDED.  CONGRATULATIONS RAY!  You are the lucky recipient and I will be emailing you for your mailing address to pass along to Carol.


8 comments on “Home of a Quilter – Chart Adoption Stitch by Carol

  1. What a great job on Home of A Quilter! Carol was fast, I don’t know if I will ever get the one I am stitching finished but I will’eep,stitching. Lolo

    But I would love to have Home Of A Quilter since I Iive in the home of one, ME! Lolo

  2. That stitchery looks lovely and I can’t believe how fast Carol stitched it up! Wow! I haven’t watched Lori Holt’s floss tube but that book idea sounds so cool! There are so many ways of finishing these days. I still have pieces I finished over 20 years ago and they aren’t framed. I really need to get on the ball and start fully completing my projects.

  3. Gorgeous Carol, and so quick! Home of a Quilter.
    We enjoy the Amish countryside and you did them proud.

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