One Color Stitch – Quaker Crow

After starting the one color project previously posted that will be my Sunday Stitch which I’ll be stitching along with friend Judy, I realized how much I really like one color projects.   With Silent Night Sampler it seems I’m constantly having to switch colors (except for the lettering) to stitch a handful of stitches and then move to the next color.  I don’t necessarily mind that but it’s much more relaxing (and you see progress much faster) with a one color stitch.  Since I left the other one color project at work to stitch on my lunch – I decided Tuesday night that I needed to find another one color project and I knew just the one I wanted to start.  This is an older chart but a goodie – such a strikingly graphic design.  I thought about making it as a stand up as shown in the chart but have decided I will frame it instead.   And here’s why…

quaker crow

This is an old photo (Christmas 2019 I think) of a wall in my living room where I have hung one of my favorite wall hanging designs made from favorite Charley Harper fabrics.  (Ignore the Christmas tree – it just happened to be the first photo of that area I found).

redbird wall  

That quilt hangs there 95% of the year – it gets switched out for a season themed one if I happen to remember to do it   but this is the normal one to hang there.

I love Cardinals, especially during the winter when they are the only thing of color I see outside my door.  I usually have several pairs of them at my bird feeder year round,  and decided that I will hang cross stitch cardinals on either side of that wall hanging, .  But then I decided that some of the one-color designs of birds I like aren’t really “cardinals.”   So I’ve decided this will be the “Red Bird” side of the room.  Doesn’t have to be of the cardinal species – just red birds (which may be expanded to other color birds as well but for the moment I’m planning on all red bird pieces).  Basically to qualify to be hung on that wall, it must have a red bird in the design somewhere.  

All that is the long way of saying, I’m calling my version of the Quaker Crow a Quaker Redbird.


The floss is Victorian Motto in Red Riding Hood  and the fabric is Fiber on a Whim 20 ct in Oatmeal.