Sunday Stitch decisions made – and a wee bit of stitching

So as my last blog post said I’ll be joining friend Judy and stitching along with her on her Sunday stitch project, Eliza M. Stone from Whilst Iris Naps.    I pulled fabric last night and after going back and forth on color choice decided on a pretty purple that has brighter and darker sections in it.    And since  had to test out the fabric/thread combination, I stitched on it last night.  I’ll be putting it away now to save for stitching  on Sundays only but I couldn’t resist a wee start. 🙂

The floss is Victorian Motto and the color is Purple Spirits.  The fabric is Fiber on a Whim 20 ct aida in the color Milk & Honey.  it’s going to end up being about 6.75″ x 7.75″.  Now to go find a project bag to put this in and cut off the excess fabric since I know how wide it will be now.   I really like this fabric so I may need to find something small to stitch on the other half of it.  It is amazing how quickly stitching goes when you aren’t having to switch any colors.

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  1. That purple is beautiful and the fabric goes really well with it. I really need to check out the Victorian Motto floss as I don’t have any. I found a local shop that has an amazing collection of fabric and thread and will likely go there to find some floss. I don’t know for sure if they have some of that floss but I bet they do. It will be so much easier to look at the floss colors in person and the one time I was there they had a strict mask policy so it made me comfortable.

    • I buy it thru their Etsy shop and I know they sell on Ebay – not sure if they sell in shops or not – but their hanks are nice especially when doing a one color project since they have 20 yards to one hank compared to other hand dyeds that are just 5 yards per hank. The colors are gorgeous. Someone at my home might have stocked up on several groups of their flosses (there are varying number of hanks in their groups of floss – some are monthly like October Prim and October Limited Edition – or various other categories – such lovely colors. Oh wait – I live alone so it must have been me who ordered those. 🙂

      • Thanks for the info…maybe…lol. I went to their Etsy shop and ordered one of their groups. It had an orange and purple in it so I’m excited to get it. I had no intention of ordering more stuff but since I got the Eliza chart, I needed threads…lol I think I have a good fabric that will look great with it (dyed fabric I ordered from one of your recommendations….lol) Seriously though, I do appreciate recommendations since I’m new to buying dyed fabrics and floss. 🙂

  2. I really love your floss choice. Twenty count Aida, I am struggling with 16 count. But it is good practice. I have had to rip out a lot as I can’t count correctly. Some errors were left for the moment. But know myself really good I will fix those places. And I stopped ordering as I want a new iPadAir. No one seems to have one where I live. I krderedone on Amazon but cancelled it when I looked at delivery date. It was December 11th..too long for me to wait.

  3. Oh yes, the purple looks beautiful with that fabric! Where do you purchase the Fiber on a Whim fabric? I saw a seller on Etsy, but a lot are out of stock.

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