Eliza M. Stone 1881 – Breast Cancer Fund Raiser Chart

Friend Judy posted a link to the Eliza M Stone 1881 chart from Whilst Iris Naps a week or so ago.  It’s a great little sampler that you can get for a donation to breast cancer research.    I went back and forth since then trying to decide if I wanted to stitch it.  Every time I would look at it, it would be a reminder of breast cancer and I don’t necessarily need a reminder. 

elizaMstone1881  But I finally came up with a plan and made my donation today to get the chart.  I likely won’t stitch it in pink – I’ve never cared for pink so don’t think I would enjoy stitching an entire sampler with it.  But I think instead of  Eliza’s name and school – I will be replacing the text in in that area with my name and with my Aunt’s name – we are both breast cancer survivors.  As a matter of fact, after I printed the chart it dawned on me that today is exactly three years ago since I had surgery –  a perfect day to be making a donation to the cause.  So I’ll be stitching along with Judy who plans to work on this stitch on Sundays.    Now I just need to figure out what fabric and thread color I want to use.  It’s charted for two shades of the same color but I may use just one hand dyed that has a bit of shading in it.   And it should be a sweet little stitch – I plan to use a higher count Aida so it will be smaller than 7 x 8″ if I do it on 18 count, but I’m considering 20 or 22 count but need to check out what color Aida I have in those sizes.