Sunday Stitching – 10-17-21

Here’s where I was on Silent Night Sampler yesterday morning


And here’s my starting point for today.  I got the green vine border filled in on the left, more little flowers have been added to that vine all over as I use a color in the center portion that is also used for flowers in the border, I fill those flowers in which means a lot of moving around of the hoop.  I also finished off the candelabra on the right and have the green partially done on the left. I’m filling in the ornaments on the left as I’m using whatever color is called for elsewhere in the chart.


I left off stitching on another little border line between the tree and candles.  Once that is done, other than filling in flower bits in the border and a couple ornaments on the tree, all that will be left will be the rest of the alphabet letters and that pretty full coverage image of the church  in the top center.  I did pull the frame out I had ordered for this one and I was right, I started this on larger count fabric that I had originally planned when ordered the frame — someone should have made a note of that but didn’t.  So I’ll go thru the other frames I have on hand to see if anything works before ordering a new one.

Today I think I may also take inventory of the pieces stitched that go on the sleds I want to use as Christmas gifts to see where I’m at, how many more I need/want to make. I was missing one sled last time I pulled them all out that I had previously fully finished and yesterday found that one – hidden in plain sight of course but not where it belonged – so need to put it in the sled storage container.