Silent Night Sampler progress 10-16-21

I started on this stitch last Sunday night and here’s my progress so far. Moving along nicely. But All of a sudden this morning I that the thought – did I start this on my originally planned stitch count fabric? I was thinking this because tho I prefer to stitch with one thread – since I’m stitching on 14 count I’m using 2 threads and haven’t really minded on this project and the stitches were laying nicely and few knotting issues with the floss. But, no, I don’t think I had originally planned on 14 count by likely 18 count so I could easily use 1 strand.. The only reason it matters is that I already ordered the frame so I think this now going to be too large for it. Rats! I’ll have to pull the frame out later and check for sure. Anyway, here is m y progress since last Sunday nite.


That border has lots of little five stitch flowers in random colors in the curves so as I’m using a color in the center, and have leftover thread of that color on my needle, I’m filling them in here and there.