Let It Snow frame

The frame for Let It Snow just arrived.  I wasn’t sure if it would be this frame or the other 3 I had ordered since it was split into two shipments and the other three were actually shipped a day earlier but I was hoping it would be this one because I was anxious to see it as mentioned in a previous post.

No wonder it is a bit higher priced than other frames I have ordered – it is a very substantial and beautiful frame.  I hadn’t paid attention to how wide (thick) the frame was (from  back of frame that is against the wall to front of frame) but it is nearly 1-7/8″ thick  and so pretty – just what I wanted.  Here’s a close up so you can see the sort of crackly distressed vintage looking finish and the carved area has sort of a brownish tone in all the carved recesses which I what I really liked about this frame giving it an old world charm look in my opinion.


And here it is just laying on top of the stitch.  The foam core I ordered for this piece is in the second shipment but I think I will have to do a bit of framing once that comes in to frame this one, frame A Changed World which has been patiently waiting, the frame from October Sampler should be in the package I’m waiting on – so several to frame.



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    • It’s from CustomFrameSolutions.com -that’s where 99.9% of my frames come from. I have a wholesale membership which they offered for free last December for a year when I first ordered from them (due to Covid difficulties in getting frames and longer than normal wait times) . Depending on how often you order frames (and I have ordered a LOT of frames since I first got that membership) it may be worth looking into the membership – I saw that they are offering that membership at a reduced price –you can see details of everything included with that membership but the biggest perk, is 60% off regular cost of frames. And for those without a membership – I think they have a sale going on right now – 40% off I think. They seem to run 30% and 40% off sales fairly often. All my frames have been so lovely and very well made.

  1. Love how the tree sways to the left and how Santa’s beard looks like an upside-down Christmas tree. Love the frame, too.❤

  2. It’s perfect just like your work! The frames you have chosen and the way you see the finished project is fantastic! It’s exciting to see your work done! Thank you for sharing where you get such beautiful frames. Your explanations of flosses, fabric, framing and finishing inspires us to try.

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