Silent Night Sampler

Well I’ve been playing in floss and fabric all afternoon.  I got the floss all wound, on floss drops, pulled out the fabric bin, plus dug thru recent fabric acquisitions, and finally decided on a fabric.  Then put all the fabric back where it belonged – it had gotten unruly again.  I think someone sneaks in and mixes up the fabrics by counts or just tosses them on the table when I’m not looking (when I catch that person they will be reprimanded!)  But fabric organization is back in place.

silent night sampler floss

So the fabric is Fiber on a Whim, 14 ct, in the color Milk & Honey. Check out those colors – all DMC. I had thought I’d get flosses pulled for The First Thanksgiving too today but I’ll save that for another day. I just tossed dinner in the oven and now to get to some stitching time while I wait for dinner.

My plan is to get this done and framed before Christmas this year…. hopefully.

But just look at this loveliness.

Let It Snow frame

The frame for Let It Snow just arrived.  I wasn’t sure if it would be this frame or the other 3 I had ordered since it was split into two shipments and the other three were actually shipped a day earlier but I was hoping it would be this one because I was anxious to see it as mentioned in a previous post.

No wonder it is a bit higher priced than other frames I have ordered – it is a very substantial and beautiful frame.  I hadn’t paid attention to how wide (thick) the frame was (from  back of frame that is against the wall to front of frame) but it is nearly 1-7/8″ thick  and so pretty – just what I wanted.  Here’s a close up so you can see the sort of crackly distressed vintage looking finish and the carved area has sort of a brownish tone in all the carved recesses which I what I really liked about this frame giving it an old world charm look in my opinion.


And here it is just laying on top of the stitch.  The foam core I ordered for this piece is in the second shipment but I think I will have to do a bit of framing once that comes in to frame this one, frame A Changed World which has been patiently waiting, the frame from October Sampler should be in the package I’m waiting on – so several to frame.



Sunday, October 10, 2021

It’s another dreary day here.  Seems like it’s been gray and cloudy all week – or mostly all week.  I’m hoping my latest frame delivery gets here before any raining starts.  Tracking says its on a truck out for delivery now.   I’m anxious to see what  one of them looks like in person.  It’s a frame I have looked at for multiple projects but it’s a bit pricier than most frames I order so always picked other frames for the larger pieces I had been considering it for.  To me it has a vintage look/feel so hopefully will be a perfect pair up for the little Prairie Schooler Let It Snow stitch.


Progress on the Little Quaker Sampler – that clearly I couldn’t count correctly on last night. That octagon shape should be all done and filled in and then some but I was having issues. When I finished the word Christmas and put the bell above it, I realized my letter “Y” in merry was one stitch over too far so the bell would have extended beyond the side edge so ripped out the Y and redid it. So that’s how wide across the bottom the total piece is.

As I was stitching on that I was thinking about what I wanted to stitch on next – a bigger project since I will fit smaller, seasonal ones in between when I feel like switching things up. I really want to get started on the Lincoln Sampler. I was planning to wait until November 4 (the Lincoln’s wedding anniversary date) as my date to start it and still (at least at the moment) plan to hold off on starting it until then tho I’m contemplating moving my start date out to February for a Lincoln birthday start date since I may want to work on some holiday (Thanksgiving/Christmas) projects that are a bit larger before then. In any event, I wound the floss and put them on floss tags so the Lincoln Sampler is all ready to start.

lincoln sampler floss

This is all the floss for my Lincoln Sampler – the photo is a little washed out and even tho its a gloomy day I just couldn’t get a really true color (that gold on the right which looks like pale yellow is really a pretty gold – Classic Colorworks Queen Bee – which will be Mrs. Lincoln’s dress).  It’s all DMC except for the brown, gold, blue and red on the far right – those are over dyeds that I plan to substitute in for certain colors that cover large areas because I want the shading so those areas don’t look so static.  Like the dark brown is for Lincoln’s suit.  I may substitute a few other over dyeds as I stitch on it.  The fabric I’ll use is hand dyed Olde Parchment 20 count by Vintage Needle Arts, which will make the stitched area of this design 17-1/2″ x 18-5/8″. 

And all the DMC I put on the floss tags for the second box of floss tags I had made with the Berry Bird design I stitched, which look like this.

floss tag s

The other project, which I plan to start winding the floss and putting on floss tags so I can start on it likely later today is for Silent night sampler (the one at the top of the image below) once I look thru the Aida stash to find a piece to use.


And if I’m really ambitious and haven’t lost interest in winding floss and putting it on floss tags, I may do the floss for The First Thanksgiving – and other large project which I really want to start.   I have a basket of floss in baggies which I had ordered in the not too distant past that needs to be put away but I had baggies where I ordered all the floss (or all that was available) for the two projects shown here and First Thanksgiving so I don’t want those to get separated and used for other projects and when I’m ready to start on a project, I don’t want to have to stop and wind floss.

So on to laundry, finding some lunch maybe, and a few other chores so I can get to the fun stuff today. 

Oh good grief!!

Not only is “counting hard” according to the last chart I finished – it’s been darn near impossible today.  I have ripped back so much on the Little Christmas Quaker — simply not paying enough attention — but I think I need to pull out some other stitch to work on for a while.  Sheesh!

Now for the latest Flash Chart Adoptions –   Counting is Hard goes to Donna Moore.    Do Small Things With Great Love goes to Cindy F.   Ladies, congratulations!  I have emailed you to get your mailing addresses.