Floss Tags


So here is all the Aurifil floss – removed from it’s wooden spools, and put on floss tags.   Are those lovely shades of green and red.  These will all stay on the same floss ring and be used for other holiday projects where I can easily substitute colors.  As for all those little wooden spools the floss was on, I can’t think of a good use for them so they will likely just get tossed.   A friend’s little boys (many years ago) would take all my empty spools, which of course became logs to haul around in their little trucks. 🙂

And check out those floss tags!  Those are ones I had made (Vistaprint business cards) from a photo of my Prairie Schooler Let It Snow stitch in progress.  I have another box of cards to make floss drops from with the Berry Bird stitch I mounted in a tart pan on them.

5 comments on “Floss Tags

  1. I really like your floss tags! I just may have to order some. I like how you have space at the bottom to be able to write the floss type and number.

  2. Looks great! I love that space you left on the bottom to annotate the floss brand and color number!

  3. I take my empty spools to the library where they do activities with the kids, they can always use donations. Love your tags.

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