Happy Friday – October 8, 2021

Whew! I’m glad it’s Friday and my work day is over – its been a very busy week.  Since I was working from home today, I pulled out the project that is my “lunch time” stitch and finished off the first row of text and got started on the second during lunch and then stuck it back in my bag so I remember to take it back to work.  Yesterday I remembered to take this project with me to work but left my lunch on the counter at home! 🙂   I guess I have my priorities.


I’m sort of at a loss as to what I want to stitch or do this evening. My options are:

  1. Start something new
  2. Work on a blackbird design for a fall-themed small I have started somewhere
  3. Start something new
  4. Work on a different small – Strawberry House – where I am working on boring white thread fill in for a large house ( that is actually a better office lunch project so I might save it for that)
  5. Start something new
  6. Order dinner to be delivered because I can’t be bothered with making it while I have these important decisions to be made
  7. Start something new
  8. Work on a secret project that doesn’t need to be done until next year
  9. Start something new
  10. Wind a bunch of DMC and put on floss tags in anticipation of starting something new
  11. Start something new

Well I have made one decision — dinner is ordered for delivery.  I think while I wait I’ll go peruse the mess I have on my stitching table and  in the basket of recently acquired stuff to see if there’s something that I’m really wanting to start (because you know the “start something new” will likely win out!