Guess what!


Time for a Flash Challenge Adoption.  As always – read the rules for the FCA found at a button at the top of the blog header.   Don’t be that person automatically disqualified for not following the rules – that would be  disheartening if you really want the chart.  And please, only play along if you want to stitch the chart yourself.   This time there are two separate charts (you can only adopt one but you can apply for both if you would be interested in either of them) since I never heard from the prior adoptee of a chart.   These are the two charts up for adoption.  You know what to do. 🙂



Things have been hectic lately but I did finally get Celebrate Harvest and Always Be a Wildflower out in today’s mail to their recipients.

22 comments on “Guess what!

  1. I would love to adopt Counting is Hard- seems to be my motto nowadays! Loved the fact that you added extra pins and put the year on the floss!

  2. I would love to stitch counting is hard. I always find counting a challenge and it’s just hard!

  3. I love the Flora McSample charts and would like to stitch Do Small Things with Great Love. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. Do Small Things with Great Love is a pretty chart but I like Counting is Hard even more. I would do as you did and make the bird look like a bluebird.

  5. I would like to adopt Small Things with Great Love. (Note I recently adopted the Strawberry Sampler so if it’s too soon to try adopt please ignore me.) I like the Counting is Hard one too but I’m trying not to be piggy.

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