Counting is Hard – completed

I finished off this stitch last night.   I added more pins to my pincushion (I think there were only three in the chart) and instead of a regular cross stitch at the top, I did the pin head as a french knot since I didn’t have any beads the right size or color.   The floss bobbin is interesting because you stitch with normal cross stitches where the “floss color” is but then go back and add in some long stitches across the top of that.  You can’t see it in my photo but it makes it look like thread is truly wrapped around it.

counting is hard

I think I may use the “brick finish” like I have done before but need to see if this will fit the styrofoam brick.   Hmmmm now what do I work on?

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  1. That is really cute! I love your color changes as I think it enhances the pattern more. The original colors didn’t do much for me.

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