Counting is REALLY hard sometimes….

Just a quick update – True confession time – as I was stitching on the “Counting is Hard” chart, I counted wrong, left a whole row off my birds head which messed other things up and I had to rip out his whole head!!!  I couldn’t believe it.   I moved on to another section but then came back and added his head in again -correctly this time – and here’s where I left off last night.


And check out those scissors with their metallic blades.   I’m going to use the same color as the bird’s breast for the words.

The floss tags I had made at Vistaprint (business card size with photos of two of my projects on them) arrived today but it’s dark and raining and my photo didn’t turn out.  I’ll show you another day but now I can start punching them and getting the floss organized for a couple upcoming large projects.

Waiting for dinner to cook – it seems like a long time since I made anything good and not just grabbed something quick.  Heck tonight I might actually get all the food groups in.  But I getting very hungry now that I can spell those Baked Crispy Chicken Thighs cooking.  Need to find some veggies.  And bonus – I’ll have some tasty leftovers  for later this week.

6 comments on “Counting is REALLY hard sometimes….

  1. Denise, today I was looking around 123 Stitch in the Accessories area. Did you know they have a twin needle gadget that helps you count stitches? I do need one!

    • I have seen twin needles but they they are just needles with points at both ends (not for making counting easier) so that if you stitch with one hand above your work and one below (like in a stand) you don’t have to bother to turn your needle around, you can stitch with either point.

  2. So glad you got the bird’s head on straight! hahaha! One day of cooking = several days of eating. That’s my motto here too!

  3. Counting is hard! Love the bird colors and the scissors are awesome! As for the counting I am still “gridding” my fabric with the red fishing line every ten rows- keeps me sane and on track- and once removed no one would ever know I used training wheels!

  4. Yep….counting is hard! I’m thinking this chart is more difficult because there’s no border or strip across for reference. Love your choices for the bird and the metallic scissors are cool!

  5. Well you proved what you stitched. I’m working on piece that has 29200 stitches and can testify to that too 😀

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