Sunday, October 3, 2021

This weekend is just going  by too quickly for me.   But taking a break from a bit of cleaning to share the stitch I started on last night and the one I’ll be pulling floss for later today.

I decided to start a little one color stitch from Modern Folk Embroidery.   There is a flosstube by this name by the designer and his flosstubes are so interesting to watch.   And “little” stitch  definitely describes this one – the stitched area will finish about 4″ x 6″.  I’m stitching it on 16 court PTP Mystic aida.  I started with two strands of floss but that was too thick.  In the dye process aida can shrink up a bit so the holes in the aida are a bit  tighter than non-overdyed aida, so with one strand of Victorian Motto floss I’m getting  good coverage.  The color of the floss is called Granny’s Biscuits.



Super easy to read chart and this is one I wanted to get a start on so that I could put it in my bag and work on it at work during lunch. I got quite a bit accomplished in a short period of time last night and because the holes are slightly tighter and the fabric is dark, I’ll have to wait and decide if it is easy enough to see without a light right over it.

The other chart I want to pull the flosses for is this cute one by Luminous Fiber Arts.

It’s cute as is but I plan to probably change all the colors.   The pastel-ish blues  in the bird – I’m going to change the bird to coloring more similar to a Bluebird with peachy/coral breast and different blue,  the floss on the bobbin will likely be a different color than that used in the bird.  I’m thinking I’ll make the pincushion either a favorite green color or maybe golden – won’t know until I start digging thru the flosses  but I’ll be changing this one up.

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  1. I love that Tidings of Comfort and Joy! Thanks for the heads up on overdyed Aida being a tighter weave. I have a 16 count green one I’m going to use in my next project so I’ll have to see how it goes. I have a mix for the threads so I’ll have to check out how well they cover.

    • Not all hand dyed are tighter but it seems most of the hand dyed I have a bit. Which is great in this case since I can use one thread on 16 count and get great coverage.

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