Counting Is Hard – color choices

Well you may not find the colors I chose for my Bluebird in nature, but  I think they will be pretty and vibrant.


And as I was looking at these I thought of one other color I might want to try for the bird. – I have one project with Valdani threads and I think the color I had envisioned in my  head might be in that project bag so you never know what might get changed up as I go along.  I have decided my tomato pincushion will be that gold which is Curry,   I’m still undecided if my scissors will be red (Louisiana Hot Sauce)  or black.   Curry and Louisiana Hot Sauce – sounds more like a recipe, especially since the two greens are guacamole and baby spinach. 🙂  It will be stitched on 18 ct Vintage Country Mocha.

6 comments on “Counting Is Hard – color choices

  1. I saw this one and passed it by thinking it was for a child’s room. It wasn’t until I read your blog I realized it meant counting stitches is hard and now I’m laughing at myself. Thanks for the reality check. 😁

  2. this “strata” of floss looks fun enough to eat, and yes blue corn tortilla chips are a good base layer !

  3. Denise do you use one thread or two when you are working on eighteen count. I am loving you colors.

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