Let It Snow – Finished

Whew! I put the final stitch in a few minutes ago – didn’t know if I’d be able to get a photo since it gets dark outside much earlier. I’ll get a better photo once its framed of course.


And in looking at the photo I realized there’s no door knob on the one house – that stitch is supposed to be left unstitched and in my quest to finish, I forgot to do that but I think I’ll just go back in and stitch over it with black. Such a very vintage looking small piece – stitched area is just under 6″ x 8″ – and I can’t wait for the frame to come which is on order. There’s nothing like a Prairie Schooler chart with Santas – I just love them all.

So I’ve been contemplating what to work on next and thought I had made up my mind and then an order arrived late this afternoon that now has me rethinking my plan.