Prairie Schooler – Let It Snow

I’ve made really good progress on this stitch this week.  Here’s where I left off last night.


The edges look uneven but it’s just wrinkly because I took it out of the hoop for the photo.  Let’s see – I’ve got a few stitches left to put in his beard, – add eyes and backstitch nose., add bag over his shoulder and add that second house.  Can I get it done tonight – maybe but I once again was an insomniac last night so may end up falling asleep mid-stitching tonight.    I was playing some serious floss-chicken tho.  The green I’m using was not a new skein and it’s a good thing I decided to change the snowman color from green and not put all the single stitch green specks (which I think are supposed to look like snowflakes) around the houses because when I finished the smoke for the house on the left, I had exactly 4″ of floss left.

Of course while I work on completing this one tonight, I’ll be thinking about just what do I want to stitch next……