Happy Sunday morning – really early morning

It’s 1 AM so official Sunday September 19 and I’m just taking a break from stitching – I finally finished all the green stitching for the borders on October Sampler.  Whew lot of green but I really wanted to get at least that far tonight but I’ll be stitching for a bit longer since I’m wide awake.  Plus adding in the flowers and vines in that border goes fairly quickly since it’s not having to count out all those border angles making sure they match up with what was previously stitched.   So, I decided to post the Sunday Chart Adoption recipients from last week.

Chart 1 from last week was the Xmas Hare — Cindy F, I will mail off the chart to you if you send me a private email with your mailing address.  Congratulations!

CORRECTION 9-19-21 2:45 PM  – Cindy F kindly emailed me to let me know she had not put her name in for the Xmas Hare chart and likely wouldn’t stitch it so asked that I pass it on to someone else.  Thanks Cindy! Clearly I can’t be trusted to count and look at specific words at 1AM!!  So  Kathy Harris – you are the lucky person to receive this chart.  I will email you privately to let you know since you may have already read this post before it was corrected.

Chart 2 was Do Small Things With Great Love — Liz (frogquilter), email me privately with your address and that cute little chart will be sent off to you.  Congratulations to you as well.

Just for anyone who only reads the blog on Sunday – I have previously posted that the Sunday Chart Adoptions are now being discontinued.  In their place there will be Flash Chart Adoptions that can be posted any day, any time so just a heads up that there is currently a flash chart adoption running that has not closed yet.  Please read the Flash Chart Adoption information at the button at the top of the blog to find out how you can participate in those.

Okay – back to stitching for me after I find a new flosstube to watch since I’m caught up on the ones I usually watch.    Can I get all the flowers and vines filled in on the top and side border?  Likely not before I decide I must sleep but we shall see.

Last Night’s Stitching Progress, a bit of a rant, some lovely floss and a flash chart adoption……

Even tho I did doze off for a bit while watching some floss tube videos, I did manage to get all the alphabet letters done, border lines finished along bottom and started up the right side.

October Sampler

October Sampler by Threadwork Primitives

The colors for the letters were mostly grouped with pairs of letters stitched in the same color but a few that weren’t stitched in pairs.  I didn’t necessarily follow the chart as to color placement and put in a few more single letters where I switched colors each letter just sort of choosing colors as I went along.  I had gotten an email from someone asking a question about the chart and they recommended  changing the color of the D or the M so the same color wasn’t right on top of each other.  Well we are all entitled to or own opinion and I don’t expect others to love everything I do (tho if you dislike what I do don’t feel compelled to tell me so) 🙂  Actually, if I were just stitching the alphabet and spacing out the colors with no other plan in place – then I likely wouldn’t have put those two letters right over each other with such a strong color.  However, as I politely explained to that person – that color was an extra color I added to the stitchery because I wanted the letters in the alphabet that are the initials of my name, to be in a separate color from the rest.  Hence the color placement of that dark burgundy color.  Oh and someone else asked if  there were specialty stitches in this – no, it’s all cross stitch so definitely Aida friendly.

So let me say this and then move on.  If you are a lovely reader who has never been inclined to send me a grumpy private email about things you dislike that I do on my blog – then you should just skip the next two paragraphs because my comments are not directed at you, and you can continue down to the photos of some lovely flosses I just received and some other goodies.  I appreciate you and your kind comments on my blog!  If you have recently sent me emails about the topics below, that does not necessarily mean these responses are directed at you.  I get lots of emails on the topics below and am happy to answer any questions — unless you were one who sent me a rude, unkind email and then they most definitely are.

There seem to be a lot of grumpy people  emailing me privately lately about things they don’t like about my blog.  And if it were just one or two or three random grumps – I would simply ignore it as I have in the past.    It seems to go in cycles every so often where there’s a glut of grumps.  But seriously there are been 9 emails in the last week on various topics but the most popular places where I am apparently failing (in their eyes) are the  topics below.  They were not emailing polite requests or polite comments – they  were just plain rude.  For instance, (and I’m wording it nicely here as if they were polite requests not how the actual email read)  requesting that I put the fabric, floss changes I do, chart name, etc. in each blog post where I  show a project I’m working on or create a separate page for all that info that they could refer to like all other cross stitchers do;  that the Sunday Chart Adoption posts should be posted the same time everyday so they would know when to look for them;  when am I going to show some quilting – they found my blog thru quilting and don’t cross stitch and aren’t interested in it and get tired of checking my blog only to find x-stitch stuff;   they didn’t like the flash chart  adoption challenges because not knowing when they end or start did not give them time to participate and wasn’t fair (yes several people actually said it wasn’t fair).

So now I’m going to respond in a somewhat grumpy fashion too –  but I need to straighten out the grumpy people now.  Grumps,  (1) if you don’t like the way I do things on my blog – tough!  Seriously, don’t read my blog then.  I’m not saying I’m not open to suggestions but you can bet it will never happen if it isn’t a polite request but rather a rude statement of how I seem to be lacking in your opinion. (2) I generally try to remember to list fabric I’m using when I pull a chart and do an initial blog post when I’m starting the project and try to remember when I show it finished but putting it in every blog post that shows the project – simply not going to happen.  As to floss I use or a list of changes to floss or a separate page with all the info for a project – sorry – that all takes away from my stitching time and since I’m never going to need to refer to that information again, it would be a waste of my  time.  Perhaps “all” those other cross stitchers they were referring to do not work a full time job and have lots of time to stitch AND make lists for other people to use, perhaps they enjoy tracking all that information for their own use — that is NOT me.   If you have a question regarding a specific floss I’m using, ask away and I’ll be happy to help if I can.   (3) Sunday Chart Adoptions have been discontinued so that should ease the mind about them not being posted at the same time every Sunday. (4) I will be posting quilting stuff when I get back to quilting – if finding cross stitch stuff on my blog doesn’t interest you maybe you need to find a blog that is truly all about quilting – there are tons of them.   I likely won’t get back to quilting until late fall or winter most likely. (5) as for the Flash Chart Adoption challenges – that is how all chart adoptions will be handled from now on.  It’s a challenge, it’s a game – it is fair for everyone since no one knows when I will post one or when it will end.  I find it particularly galling that multiple people would complain when I’m passing along charts that I have paid for, that they do not need to pay for to receive, and that they do not need to pay postage to receive.  Undoubtedly there were likely others who were disappointed if they didn’t see the flash challenge in time but there will be other flash challenges and maybe next time they will win. And of course in most respects there is always the option of going to a shop and purchasing whatever chart you missed out on if you really want it.  So please, let’s put an end to all this grumpiness  and you need to just move on if you don’t like how I handle things.

NOW, as for the lovely Victorian Motto flosses I recently received.  Part of what I received is in the October Sampler –  and here are the rest I got.

victorian motto floss

These are a little blown out in color  in those photo because it’s sunny here today but they are sold in packs on the Victorian Motto Etsy site.   It’s wierd because the green of the project bag back is true in color but the flosses are more dark/rich looking in real life than in the photo.

And a chart that arrived not long ago that I just love called Faith of the Heart – the saying on it and the birds and that house – just lovely.  I also got a notice that the final chart I was waiting for from the Needlework Expo presales is in so that should be coming soon.  This one may be a start in the not too distant future but I have several smalls going at the moment that I want to get finished first.

faith of the heart

Now I need to go decide if I have a late lunch or just a snack – I’m leaning towards snack because in my grocery order I had a big pack of ribs so when they arrived I immediately put them on to par boil so I may just stick them in the oven shortly to slow cook and have an early dinner today when they are ready.  My mouth is watering already.

And last but not least – yes it’s a Flash Chart Adoption challenge for the chart below.   If you have not already – please read the Flash Chart Adoption rules at the button in the header of the blog that were updated this week to make sure you are following all of them so you don’t render yourself ineligible.


.and oh I almost forgot after  mentioning  the back of the green project bag previously – to post the front of the bags I had been waiting for.   They are by Patchwork Pawprint where I originally saw that cute mouse fabric (that I managed to find yardage of elsewhere later to use in an future quilt project).  These are meticulously made vinyl front project bags..  The one with the banners will house my summer themed smalls and the other one the fall themed of course. I just adore these mice.




I forgot to add…

this photo to my earlier blog post tonight to show where I left off last night on October Sampler.  A bunch more letters added and I hope to be able to post a photo tomorrow with at least all the letters finished – if not a bit more.  I got nearly 7 letters finished last night.


9-17-21 Stitchy Update

I’m so glad it’s Friday – it’s been a busy week and for some reason I’m really tired tonight so hopefully won’t doze off during my Friday nite extended stitching time.  (I think the problem is that  I was extending my stitching time several nites this week and staying up way too late.)  My grocery order has been placed for tomorrow’s delivery so my task for tonight is done; dinner should be delivered shortly because I decided I was too tired to figure out what to make and I’m already in my lounging jammies.  So the plans for tonight entail catching up on some flosstubes, stitching, and all my floss for the Lincoln Sampler has arrived so I can start winding that and putting them on floss drops if the mood strikes.

As for the Friday “A Changed World” update – I  had hoped to work on framing mine this week but haven’t gotten to it yet but maybe for next week’s Friday update.    The chart was given away earlier this week in a Flash Chart Adoption so another stitcher can enjoy stitching that chart.   And be sure to check out Judy and Jo‘s progress on this project.   

Another Flash Chart Adoption was posted yesterday and has now closed for submissions (if you don’t know what those are and want to play along, click the button at the top of the blog to read all about them and how to become eligible to play along next time a Flash Chart Adoption is posted).


Yesterday’s Flash Chart Adoption was for the bonus chart included in my Coming to America kit which I had finished stitching. So here’s the statistics for that flash adoption:   

There were 14 comments.  Of those 14, 10 commenters were eligible for the challenge.  Of those 10, only 3 included the correct chart name which is Celebrate Harvest.  So  Kathrie2013, I have emailed you to let you know once you respond with your email address I will be mailing that chart off to you.    Stay tuned, you never know when a new Flash Chart Adoption will appear.  🙂   

Hope you all get to enjoy some Friday nite stitchin!


9-16-21 Stitching Progress and…

First, yes I must say how fun, again, October Sampler is to stitch on.  I got quite a few letters added last night and some border lines started.   I’m just sort of changing letter color wherever I want, not always necessarily following the chart color placement.

As for the FLASH CHART ADOPTION — I decided to discontinue the Sunday Chart Adoptions (I will announce last Sunday’s chart adoption this coming Sunday tho in keeping with the normal schedule). Instead I will be doing FLASH chart adoptions similar to the last one I did for A Changed World.

I have updated the button in the header bar of my blog – FLASH CHART ADOPTIONS – so first go there to click on and read the revised rules as to how this will work since you wouldn’t want to be rendered ineligible if you really want to adopt a specific chart. 🙂

This is the chart for today’s flash challenge. It was a bonus chart in the Coming to America kit so as far as I know is not available outside of that kit. It was a very fun stitch which I recently finished stitching and just need to get fully finished into a little pillow similar to the one shown on the chart.


Did you know……

it’s National Live Creative Day?   And here is the description of this day:  National Live Creative Day is a holiday that falls on September 14th annually and encourages people to look at the world through a creative eye. Although most people think of art as something only done by “artists,” this holiday posits that all of us are artists in our own right. That’s why we believe that everybody should take the time to celebrate this holiday and create the type of art they like to create.

So here’s my creativity so far for today – I stitched the “D” during my lunch hour.   I added the floss color used in the “D” as an additional color to the chart because it went so well with the other fall colors.  I’ll use it sparingly throughout.  I used it in the  that little border line started under the letters and I will use it for the letters in the alphabet that are my three initials.  I was hoping to be farther along than this but fell asleep watching Flosstubes last night which seriously cut into my stitching time! 

Also in honor of National Creative Day, how about another FLASH CHART ADOPTION.   The difference between Flash Chart adoptions and my normal Sunday Chart Adoption Day is:   Sunday Chart Adoption Days occur on Sundays (if I have charts I have finished with and can pass on to someone else to stitch and  you always have right up to the  following Sunday when I do the random number thing,  to comment on the original Sunday post where a chart(s) were offered for adoption, using the keywords provided  and following other Chart Adoption rules (click on page for adoption info at top of blog to get how all works.)   I will add the Flash Chart Adoption information at that same button eventually but basically the only difference is (1) Flash Chart Adoptions can appear on any day at any time other than Sunday and are open for whatever time period I randomly decide and you will not know if it’s open for one day, two days, 2 hours, etc. – it’s left up to my whim at the moment.  And (2) unlike Sunday adoption days where YOU are responsible for emailing me privately if you have been chosen to receive a chart to give me your mailing address,  for Flash Adoptions I will email YOU to let you know you have been chosen (because you won’t know what day to look for an announcement of  who the chart is going to).  Okay – everyone still with me?


This chart designed by Scarlett House (which Judy and Jo and I have been doing a stitch along on) I have finished (just need to find time to frame it) and loved stitching on this.  So if you are interested in stitching this chart (and please only play if you are interested in stitching it yourself), leave one comment on this blog post with the name of this chart.  


Happy National Live Creative day!

ETA 11:00 PM 9-14-21 — FLASH CHART ADOPTION HAS ENDED and the lucky recipient is Ellen B.  Ellen I have emailed you.   Thank you to all who joined in the fun – you never know when the next flash chart adoption may happen. 🙂


Chart Adoptions on September 13, 2021

Recipients of the “flash chart adoption” posted today (not to be confused with the normal “Sunday Chart Adoption Days”) are below so please email me privately with your mailing address.  (Flash Chart adoptions are done on days other than Sunday and are open as long as the mood strikes me for people to join in so you never know when one might pop up but same rules apply, must have a US Mailing address and email me privately if you are chosen to adopt a chart with your mailing address.)  These lonely charts will have new homes.

Simple Gifts – Margaret Kennedy

The Quiltmaker – Sherry Bobak

Berry Bird – Lori Campbell.   (Lori I saw your note and yes you were a previous winner but unless my computer ate your email I didn’t find it anywhere – even double checked the folder where I save all the chart adopters – but the cross stitch fairies must have wanted you to get this chart because the random number generator picked you again! 🙂


You may get tired of seeing this

But I can’t help  but show the progress since I am loving this project so much.  I added a fifth color in mine and I’ve been playing around with where I place my colors in October Sampler, no necessarily placing them where the chart says.  And while I don’t usually like stitching borders, this one is fun.


My two project bags arrived from Patchwork Pawprints  – I had ordered them before finding a seller for some of that cute mouse fabric sold in Europe I had previously posted but it’s raining and too dark to get a good photo of the bags.  I was a bit concerned about the bags because after the tracking said the package arrived in the port of New York from England, it suddenly took a side trip to Jamaica on 9/9/21 and allegedly are still vacationing there even tho they safely arrived at my door so I let the seller know that they tracking was wrong,  they were not lost and had arrived.

Now to go make that BLT for dinner.   I was hungry for a BLT and was going to have it Friday night for dinner.  I went to pull the bacon out of the cabinet  and the box was sealed and the box was EMPTY!!!  LOL  Oh well,  I may have to shake any future boxes upon delivery to make sure there is something actually in them.  So I added some to my weekend order (and yes checked upon arrive to make sure it was not empty).   So now I get to feed that craving.

Chart Adoptions in the mail

Okay – I’m caught up in mailing all prior Chart Adoptions out to the lucky recipients. These are going in the mail today.

  • Grandfather’s Barn – Pam B
  • Grandmother’s House – Ruth C
  • Home of a Quilter – Carol P
  • Strawberries Forever – Karen W
  • Enchanted Alphabet – Carol D

Ladies I hope you all enjoy your stitching on these.

It is mildly annoying (and some days really annoying) when people who opt in for chart adoptions don’t bother to check back to see if they have been selected to adopt a particular chart they asked for. And to those who respond so quickly I truly appreciate it and am glad it is going to a home where it is really wanted.

So, I have several charts that have never been claimed – I think two of them have never been claimed twice already and I’m sure are feeling downright neglected. So here’s your chance to adopt the charts no one claimed: Berry Bird, Simple Gifts, or The Quiltmaker.



berry bird tartTheQuiltmaker

Leave the name of the chart(s) you are interested in stitching and at some random time (whenever the whim strikes tonight) I’ll do the RNG thing and post the adopter(s) of these charts.

Chart Adoption Sunday – 9-12-21

Before I do chart adoption, just a quick pic of my start on October Sampler this afternoon.  If you want any details on it go to the post prior to this one.  The chart, the floss colors (doesn’t matter what it is – floss, yarn, quilting, furniture, clothing  I love Fall colors best), and this fabric which I love stitching on even if I am using strands, will all make this a quick and very enjoyable stitch.


And now that I posted this photo and see what I screwed up (isn’t that always the way – it is more obvious in the photo than when you just finished stitching it), I’ll be ripping out those three  separate stitches on the bottom petal (oh wait no I don’t have to rip I can just add more in) but that row should be a solid row all the way across the same as the row below above it and then the next row is 3 spaced stitches.  Easy fix.

On to the Chart Adoption – as always if you don’t know how my chart adoptions work – go to Chart Adoption Information button at the top of the blog and you’ll find all the info there on how to be a successful  chart adopter.

I do still have adopted charts to mail out from the last adoption day –   this week was just plain crazy busy at work and I forgot to put them in my bag to take to the office  and the prior week and a half I worked from home so warned they wouldn’t get mailed until a day when I was back in the office.  I will get them mailed this week one of the days I am there as I just grabbed them and put them in my bag.

So today I have two charts that are up for adoption (and 4 or 5 others waiting in the wings for another day).

Xmas Hare is first up – Keyword is Hare.  It was originally a kit to make a holiday card but I wanted to stitch it as an Easter decoration so left off all the background motifs and words.  it was done with a new to me floss that is sort of a little fuzzy and then after you finish stitching his sweater you take a little piece of Velcro – the prickly side – and pounce that over the sweater and it makes it more fuzzy to look like a mohair sweater.


You will get  the front cover, chart and what’s left of the floss.  Since I didn’t use any of the background flosses you will have enough to use for this stitch but since I did stitch the rabbit, you will need to use your own flosses or order more for that part. 

The second chart is Do Small Things With Great Love, a Lizzie Kate design.  It’s only 73 stitches by 41 stitches so a quick little stitch but I decided not one that I will be stitching so, if you wish to adopt this one, Small is the keyword.  I forgot to take a photo of the chart front but you can see what it looks like here.

Now back to my October Sampler stitching.  Hope you got some stitching time in this weekend too.