Another unexpected stitching day – 9-27-21

I’ve got another day all to myself and so far have accomplished very little.   I restitched the area of green on the right side that I had gotten off on to correct that.   I also decided (since I want to be like friend Judy) 🙂  that I needed to order some fun floss tags to one of these days get all my DMC floss on rather than just having all the hanks tossed in a container to root thru.  When I do pull them for a project, I do (most times) get them on a floss drop right away.  Maybe fun floss tags will help me to sit down and do a bunch all at one time.  So I can show you my progress on Let it Snow and the photo I used for one of my sets of floss tags all in one – here it is

floss tag 1   I had lied in my prior blog post – I thought I had finished the black line border all the way around the piece (I didn’t have it in front of me) – but no I had only done the left side and top because I wanted to start on the pine bow section at the top.

I have now finished that black border all around and have all thre green from the left corner mid right side done.  I’m jumping around to put in all the green (working on fence line at the bottom this afternoon) because I didn’t have a full skein of the color I’m using for that and want to see if I need to order another or if I’ve got enough.  I do really like this color green so I will definitely replenish it on some future floss order.

I changed the color of the sledding child’s  scarf and pompom on the stocking cap to red rather than black.   That little sledding part would make such a cute ornament all on its own.


Then because two is always better than one (at least in this case), I created a second floss tag with the Berry Bird in the tart tin which I just love.

floss tag 2I was going to start winding and putting the DMC for the Lincoln Sampler on tags but think I will have to wait to use these.   I’m not starting that project until November – anyone else starting on the Lincoln Sampler anytime soon?

And here’s the other charts that arrived last week that I hadn’t shown yet.


The women’s expression seems be be “take the photo quick – these pumpkins are heavy!”. They are too funny.

vignette shrine  The next two charts I got with this in mind.  Back last winter when I was on the hunt for sleds, I cane across this vignette shrine box and thought it would be great as a manger with a cross stitch creche scene inside it.  I’ve also seen it painted with a Santa standing inside like it was a house. I bought one and have it safely hidden away somewhere.

I previously got a pdf chart that I thought would look good in it but I’m not sure I am loving the stained glass style of it.

stained glass

These are the other two contenders but I need to sit down with all of them and figure out if I can make them fit into the space.   Mother and Child I saw stitched up on a floss tube and it was so gorgeous.  Lots of backstitching in the background but such a lovely design.  I’m actually thinking I may need to stitch that and not put it in the shrine.


The other chart is one that I could stitch the full version of the stitch (shown in the frame) to use in the shrine but it may be too small.  But I did get this chart because it will also work for stitching and putting on the sleds.  Sorry for the blurry photo – it was taken thru the plastic and I didn’t feel like going outside to take another shot of it.


7 comments on “Another unexpected stitching day – 9-27-21

  1. The vignette shrine box idea is awesome- how different and interesting. I really need to step out of my comfort zone, guess all cross stitch doesn’t need to be in a frame :). Makes it a lot easier to decorate too! The mother and child cross stitch is beautiful, even with all of the backstitching.
    Quick question – I see that you recently ordered needles- which are your favorites? I mostly stitch on Aida at the moment.

    • I don’t know that I have a favorite. For me it’s basically all about if I can thread the needle easily whether one strand or two. My favorite used to be Sullivan’s ball tip needles for stitching (pricey) and I like stitching on them depending on the type of aida I use but find I use them less since the ball tip makes it near impossible for me to bury my threads when I end a strand. Of the regular (non ball tip) I like Pat’s Favorite Needles by Yarn Tree (pricey compared to other regular needles but if I have a gift card I’ll treat myself to some), but in addition to those two kinds I have and use Piecemakers, Bohin and Mary Arden interchangeably.

      • Thanks!! I too found the same with the Sullivan ball tip, and certainly the size of the eye is more important for these 60+ eyes. Will give some of the other needles a whirl once I start my “grown up” projects – currently working on penguins on size 11 count Aida to make Christmas stockings- which is fairly easy although I still red line grid the Aida so I don’t get lost….

  2. All are great, on the vignette I really like all but the last one is great. That Mother and child I would stitch alone also. Te stained glass would be great but not in stained glass! You are really getting a lot of stitching done.

    I am getting more comfortable but like Judy, my counting on thus 16 count Aida is a challenge. I discover mt errors when something connects! Lolo there are a couple I will wait to se his it effects things! Lolo

    I ordered mr a new scroll frame. It has arrived but is not put together. My current scroll frame is not holding the fabric where I like it.


  3. I love that mother and child pattern! That vignette shrine is cool and I too am one that tends to stick with frames, or at least that’s what I used to do. I haven’t thought enough about some of the patterns I purchased. The larger ones I know I’ll frame but will decide on others once I start on making littles.

  4. I agree the sledding child would be a great ornament and the women do look like they are heavy pumpkins they are holding! The last design would look good in your vignette. You are so creative, just loved how your pumpkin finished.

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