October Sampler Finished

I thought I’d never get those vines stitched in October Sampler.  I had said I would get it finished last night and after I put in the last stitch and looked at the clock, it was exactly 12 AM. Whew just made it!   I can’t believe September is nearly over and it  is soon be October.

october sampler

And since I happen to have written all this info on my chart here’s the scoop:  Chart is October Sampler by Threadwork Primitives.  Fabric is from ToDyeForFabrics (Etsy shop and their fabrics are probably my favorite), it is 14 court, and it is a OOAK color so only is identified as #1.   I used none of the called for floss (and I changed color placement around a bit) since I used all Victorian Motto flosses from their Autumn in Vermont collection.   The stitched area of this piece measures about 12″ x 6″.   I thought I had a frame to fit but it’s about an inch too small – darn – will have to order one.  I added an extra color to the mix – the dark burgundy  – and used that for the alphabet letters for my initials, the year and in two of the divider borders in the middle.  And may I say it one last time (well not one last time because I will probably say it when I show the final finished (framed) piece — I LOVE everything about this stich – the chart, the colors I used and the fabric I chose.

So I was still wide awake at midnight when I put the last stitch above so decided to grab a couple flosses, and a piece of fabric and start on The Prairie Schooler “Let It Snow” which had been calling to me all day. So just a bit of a start – the border is done all the way around and got a few pine boughs in.

let it snow

This fabric is another OOAK color identified as #2 from ToDyeForFabrics and I decided to use 14 count which will make this design about 5″ x 8″.  I just pulled colors I liked – DMC310 (black), Weeks: Monkey Grass (green) and the other two are Gentle Arts: Chalk and Buckeye Scarlet.   And since I have to order frames, I’ll order one for this as well.

I’ll be doing some more stitching on this this afternoon but I have one heck of a mess of new charts and flosses and who knows what buried underneath on my stitching chair table that I will clear off into a box and deal with organizing it later this week or next weekend – just not in the mood at the moment – since I need to get a few other tasks done today.

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  1. I love everything about your October sampler too! I’m thinking that would look good in lots of combinations of colors. I had to chuckle about needing to organize what you have around your stitching chair table. My mess in on the couch and even my husband commented that only one person could sit on it right now. I need to think about how I want to organize all my patterns, floss, and fabric now that I have more than just a couple of things. My temporary solution will be to take everything down to the basement and put in a pile until I can figure it out.

  2. I’mlooking at the October Sampler and wondering if I could make one in each of the four seasons. Pastels for spring, brights for summer, natural colors for fall and red gold and green colors for winter. I will have to make another note in my notebook to think about that chart. I got into the habit of ordering right away when I saw something I liked and then regretting later. I’m now writing in a book and thinking for a bit. Cross stitch stash is easier than quilting stash to accumulate beause it doesn’t take up nearly as much room. I need to shop smarter!

    • I think it would look good in any color combination. Much like knitting or quilting/sewing, I don’t think I personally would ever make the same thing twice because there are just so may other things to choose from – obviously I’m easily distracted by new charts, patterns, etc.

  3. The October Sampler is beautiful! I’m not sure what the called-for colors were but your selections were perfect. Speaking of colors, those you picked for the next stitchery are gorgeous.

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