Stitching Mail Saturday 9-25-21

Oh my – I thought I would be done with the October Sampler stitch by now.  I finished the bottom of it last night where I had been debating what words to put in that bottom section and when I got that all stitched and took it out of the hoop to admire — well shoot ! I still had the flowers in the upper and left border to add and the little vines in those sections.    So I got to work and there’s a lot of stitches in those border fill ins.  I just finished all the flowers late afternoon today and just have the vines left so should be finished tonight.  Had to stop stitching to get a few other things done.

Yes, I will finish those vines tonight BUT….. I’m really wanting to start on something new and that Prairie Schooler Let It Snow is staring me in the face from the table.  So all my plans as to what I want stitch  and when may be adjusted…. maybe….

Especially since this was delivered to my door this afternoon.  It’s my order from Colorado Cross Stitcher.


In that package was the fabric I wanted to try for Let it Snow, and then that’s that 2016 Prairie School Santa that came with it, needles, some Lady Dot mini pompom trim in navy, and the Threadworks Primitives Let it Snow chart (Let it Snow is a not uncommon name for charts), and also included was the cute little needle minder at the bottom with the shop logo on it.

I also received a second package – some fabrics I had ordered from an Etsy shop I had ordered from once before and I have mixed feelings about this order.   The fabrics are very pretty but when I saw these I remembered in my prior order several months ago there were one or two fabrics of the four or five I had in that order  that didn’t really look like the image on the website.  Since I hadn’t ordered them for any specific project it didn’t really matter.  Now I know that computer monitors can make it look different, some shops only show the fabric on one base and different bases of linen/aida take the dye differently so that can account for a difference in the actual fabric, but only one of three of this order looks like the images.  One I think is because of the difference of how aida takes dye – it’s a much lighter version without as many darker shades running thru it. One was also marked the wrong stitch count so was not the count aida I had ordered.   I didn’t have a project for the one that is not the count I ordered and just wanted it for some smalls so it will be fine since  I really didn’t have a rhyme or reason for which color I got in which count..   I will use them all but I was really looking forward to one of the colorways which in the piece I got looks absolutely nothing like the original photo.  These are all fat 1/8 cuts, Mary Mack – brownish solid and Alchemy lightest color are 14 count and the grayish fabric is 14 count.  That grayish (has sort of green undertones to it)  might need to be a halloween background or I was thinking of pulling some floss for the Prairie Schooler Let it Snow  – I think that might look good on the greenish/gray fabric.


2 comments on “Stitching Mail Saturday 9-25-21

  1. I like the two colors of the lower fabric in your photo but I know how disappointing it is when you are expecting something different. The stitch count is a whole other issue. I ordered some fabrics and they aren’t what I expected but they will work. I found a local shop that carries a wide variety of fabric so now I can go look in person but still no guarantee it will have the count I want.

    • I think there’s one local needlework shop (which I have never been in and which doesn’t have a website you can order from) but since I haven’t been in a store since COVID started I do all my shopping on line. There are several places on line I have had very good luck with colors being true. If I’m not planning for a specific project but merely adding to stash, I don’t mind so much if the color is not quite what I thought it should be.

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