An unexpected stitching day

I ended up with basically a 3-day weekend this week so what to do today? Stitch of course!   I did do a few chores this morning – ordered groceries for delivery which should be delivered within the next hour, cleaned the fridge out, started some laundry, and then decided it was time to stitch.

Before I get to the stitching (and possibly – wink, wink –  new additions to my collection of charts), the most recent Flash Chart Adoption (FCA) has ended for the chart “I Will Always Be A Wildflower.”  Congratulations Jill, I have emailed you.  Again a reminder – the last 2 or 3 FCAs had people leaving comments that clearly read as if  they wanted to be included in the adoption but they DID NOT follow the rules so their comment was not included in the participants because it did not include the required words/phrase.  I say it every time I post a FCA – please read those rules so you know what to do.  Just leaving a comment you’d like to stitch the chart does not do it.

Okay – this morning I put the final stitches in  “Peregrine Pilgrim.”   I do still need to add the simple line border around him and will work on that when I get off the computer.   I didn’t use any of the called for flosses.  The floss in the photo is what I think I will use for the border line.


A package of goodies arrived today.   Don’t you love it when you come across a Visa Gift Card you thought you spent and when you check the balance you haven’t used it at all. I’ve done that twice  now.  I think they were x-mas presents from last year and of course I haven’t been to any stores so forgot about them.  So, of course, I immediately spent the last one I found at 123Stitch.  I’m still waiting for part of this order to come in but the first part of it did. Two small pieces of fabric, both Picture This Plus. 123Stitch has several choices of fabric size – not everyone has the smallest size I like to order which is  8″x12″ pieces of some of them for smalls rather than having to get larger pieces, since on smalls I’ll  use a variety of colors but in larger sampler types not as wide a range of colors.  Also smaller pieces are  good to see what the color is in real life before ordering larger pieces.

This is 16 count Heroic.  A neutral with very pale red and blue splotches – more like sort of veins of color at random mixed in.  I think it will be a patriotic small or two.


And this is a bit darker in real life and reminds me of gingerbread.


As for the new chart collection additions.  You know I never met a Prairie Schooler chart I didn’t like – especially the older Santa stuff.  So I finally ordered Let It Snow  – I love everything about this chart, well, except the green snowman.  My snowman will NOT be green – that’s just plain unnatural! LOL  I will do it on a color of fabric so that a white snowman (or cream or some other white-ish color) will show up.  If I stitch it on 18 count it would only be about 4 x 6 stitched area so am undecided if I should stitch it a bit larger or not – and unlike other Prairie Schoolers, this calls for overdyed threads, which I’ll just be pulling from my stash.


Little House Needleworks does some of my favorite houses.   It’s called Lantern Lane and I have been wanting to buy it since I first saw it.  The windows on the house are so cutely done, I love the tree and the way it it is made up of “clumps”  – for lack of a better word – of stitches; of course there are cardinals and I love the fence and the cornerstone that has the year.  Okay, yes I love everything about this one too!    I think Jack Frost’s Tree Farm project has gotten pushed back a bit (that’s more winter than just Christmas) and after I figure out where I’m at with all my sled stitching and once I have all the gifting ones stitched, I will probably start on Let it Snow with the hopes of having it finished before Christmas.

The last thing I got was a holiday chart too but in non-typical holiday colors, which is what I think drew me to it.  It doesn’t scream Christmas although clearly it is but its one I think I would leave up all year.


Isn’t that church scene so pretty.  I liked it all so much that I ordered all the floss for it right away – all DMC.  (That’s the other reason 123Stitch is convenient to use – with one click you can add all the floss for a specific chart into your cart instead of having to add them one by one — and no, not affiliated with 123Stitch in any way – just a customer.   The downside, what you put in your cart is not always in stock.  Sometimes it tells you in your cart it is out of stock, sometimes not so you don’t necessarily know until your order has been shipped what might be missing/backordered so I have a love/hate relationship with that issue which mostly pertains to floss.) There are three other companion type samplers but this one is called Silent Night Sampler.


8 comments on “An unexpected stitching day

  1. You do find some cute charts! I actually ordered some Aida to (hopefully) use for a small cross stitch project I want to do. I had stepped away from cross stitch as my eye sight got worse, but now that I’ve had those cataracts removed I’m going to give it a try again. Just not quite ready for stitching on linen yet though.

  2. Like you, I really like the soft colors in the “Expressions of Christmas” charts. I don’t know if I will order all of them or pick the one I like best. Will check them out later today. So much to do, so little time…….

  3. I love that Expressions of Christmas chart. It reminds me of a birth announcement cross stitch I was given after my second son was born. Same soft colors as she didn’t know if it was a boy or girl until after the birth. I like the 123Stitch site too because it has that feature of ordering all the floss for a project but it is annoying when they don’t have something. I was online last night ordering floss for several projects because I had been notified that one floss I needed was back in stock. I couldn’t in good conscience order just one skein of something. I have been trying to order some of the various brands of floss that some designers use but it’s kind of frustrating that a lot of times they are not available. And wow…the costs add up when ordering them! I think I need to start studying the charts better to see where it would be better to order the suggested floss and where DMC can be used easily in the design.

    • Yes – there are so many supply chain problems that it can be frustrating. But if there’s a chart with a lot of flosses, I do love getting it from 123Sttich just for that feature – add all to cart. But then of course you go to the cart to see how many really aren’t in stock. I do try to figure out if all overdyeds are used, whether I can substitute. If there’s a color that isn’t used much, many times I’ll just substitute DMC. If it’s a large area where the shading of overdyeds would really look good, then those colors I don’t substitute (unless I substitute for another overdyed color I like better.)

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