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I had posted this chart yesterday as I had received it in the mail.  See that little pilgrim man on the lower left by the wooden spools.


I didn’t realize he was a separate extra chart contained in the chart booklet for this design.  It’s hard to make out (even if you have the cover photo of the chart right in front of you, that he’s holding a cornucopia of fruit in front of him.  The colors in the cornucopia are all real dark and sort of meld together.    Well about 10PM last night I decided I wanted to stitch him.  Got a piece of fabric, 18 count same fabric as I had used for the crow/pumpkin I had just finished stitching and started.  After a few stitches of the top of his hat I decided the 18 count would have made him too small.  I want him small but not that small.  So grabbed the leftover piece from the fabric I’m stitching October Sampler on and managed to get his hat, head, beard and black part of his shirt stitched last night.  This morning before work I got the cornucopia nearly stitched (just the basket type part of it not the fruits) and realized I had goofed in one spot so got nearly all that ripped back before having to leave for work.  I’m thinking I might be able to finish him tonight so I’ll wait to post a photo of him when he’s done.    I’ve named him Peregrine Pilgrim (Peregrine being one of the top five most unique baby names for Pilgrim boys – yes Google told me that).


And I found another chart for a Flash Chart Adoption – read the rules at the top of the blog header for how to participate and what you need to do.  This is one I started stitching many years ago but it’s not something I have any interest in stitching now. The buttons may or may not come with it – there’s a butterfly and maybe a caterpillar – but I can’t remember whether I used them on something else or not.

09-24-21 at 2:50PM  Flash Challenge has ended.  Congratulations Jill!

12 comments on “Sneaky designers

  1. I would love to stitch “ I will always be a wild flower “.
    It amazes me how much stitching you get done.
    I’m working on A changed world with you gals and have done some adapting because I find it hard to count 🙂

  2. I will always be a wildflower would be perfect gift for my oldest granddaughter and I would love to stitch it.

  3. Would love to stitch the wildflower as my granddaughter loves butterflies and caterpillars and the colors are her favorites. Ever since she could walk we went on “hikes” to find wildflowers.

  4. I will always be a Wild Flower by Sam Sarah Design Studio is actually something similar to a saying my Grand mother had ” A weed is a misplaced wild flower.”
    Please enter me for the Chart adoption for I will always be A Wild flower stitchery.

  5. Mr. Peregrine Pilgrim is so cute. The bigger stitched piece is so amazing. Beautiful saying on it! Please include me in the chance to adopt ” I Will Always Be a Wildflower ” chart. Thank you. Enjoy your day!🦋

    • Thanks. The pilgrim’s border is added and I just need to figure out how I want to finish him. Sorry – the flash challenge ended prior to you leaving your comment.

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