Happy First Day of Fall 2021

Today truly does  feel like the first day of Fall outside coincidentally.  Temps which had been in the upper 80s just a few days ago – well it is 60 our right now and there’s a crispness to the air.  I love days like this – – except for it getting darker earlier.  Since I was working from home I had the door propped open to let in the fresh air (until the lawn moving service showed up and the sounds of birds in the woods was replaced with the noise from them).

Friend Judy posted on her blog that the Colorado Cross Stitcher was officially open for business – that is the brand new cross stitch shop created by Sheri, the owner of The Loopy Ewe.  I knew it was opening soon but didn’t realize it had happened.  Physically it’s located in  part of The Loopy Ewe brick and mortar shop, but it has its own separate website.  So had to place an order to cheer Sheri on in this expansion of her shop!  She also has a flosstube under the same name.

As for my stitching, well I finished off this little stitch and hope to get it mounted on the front of the little pumpkin this weekend.  There’s one little thing I may want to change on it but it is basically done.  The only tricky part will be getting my oval sticky board or chip board cut smoothly to fit the front of the pumpkin.  Can’t wait to see this finished.




 Today’s mail brought the other preorder chart I had ordered as part of  the most recent Needlework Expo.   A cute winter chart (and winter lasts a long time here) so I need to have lots of winter stitches I think! 


It’s called Up on the Housetop from Teresa Kogut.   

I’m going to have to find the right piece of fabric for it.

And the other chart that came along for the ride I do have all the floss and  I think even the fabric for – The First Thanksgiving.   Just love this chart.