September 21, 2021

The pumpkin is filled in, it has a stem and I’m adding two gold blossoms and I think I have room for one large green leaf.  I changed the shape of the stem in order to make sure I could fit everything in I wanted.


I took a piece of dark blue craft paper – a bit heavier than normal copy paper – and put it over the section of the wood pumpkin I want to mount this stitched piece on.  Creased all the edges of the oval into the paper and then cut on those creases to get the template size for the front of the pumpkin.  I can then place that piece of paper behind my hoop and shine my stitching light from the back of the piece so I can see the outline of the template and know that I am not stitching outside the available space.

Remember my package that the tracking says went to Jamaica (and allegedly was in Jamaica the day it arrived at my door) well I’ve been waiting for a different package that says it arrived at “destination processing” in my city on Sept. 12 and says it’s still there. I have no idea what day it actually arived in my mailbox since I don’t wander to the other side of the apartment complex often to get my mail (which is mostly junk mail in the mail box anyway) but decided to stop there on the way home from work today to see if may be it had been delivered. Yes indeed it had!

These are vintage prints of postcards printed on fabric. They come with a paper backing on them that you peel off before using them but it keeps them wrinkle free thru the mail. The colors are rich and so pretty and I absolutely love the graphics on old postcards. These came from Doodaba on Etsy – she was super quick to ship (they just got delayed in the mail system) and I will definitely order again from that shop. Most of them you also have a choice of sizes to get them in. I ordered just for the upcoming holidays – Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas – but there are so many options available.


I love that big turkey.  That one is about 8″ x 10″ and the others I ordered are all 4″ x 6″.  He is going to be a little pillow with just one fall fabric on the back and some sort of trim around the edges.   The rest I will either make into little pillows/ornaments with coordinating fabric on the back.  I had originally planned to use these as fabric for the back of some cross stitched pin pillows but I love these so much I may need to have these images showing and mix them in with the cross stitch finishes.

Halloween  – the bottom one is so cute pumpkin head and owl – love the colors in that one.


and Christmas.  The nativity one doesn’t show up as gorgeous as it truly.  Love the ornament with the little town/church in it and I know the purple santa will be made into an ornament for a friend.   Such fun!