fooled you….

And you thought I was going to show you the October Sampler yet again.  Nope, not today.  You won’t see it again until it’s totally finished because even I’m tired of posting progress photos on it.  🙂

But I did start on the Prairie School Acorn.  This is the stitch I plan to mount on the front of the little pumpkin.


And yes, another image of the pumpkin because I think they are just so absolutely adorable.   I’m stitching this on 20 count aida I got from MyVintageNeedleworks on Etsy and the color is Caramel Creme.  It’s a great color with some slightly darker speckled area (or at least speckled in the small piece I cut off my very large piece.


So I pulled out some floss – I love the Weeks Dye Works color “Carrot.”  It’s not a bright halloween orange (which I didn’t want for this since my pumpkin is actually golden) but it reminds me of orange Dreamsicles (and of course now I really want one of those!)


The crow is done.  I moved the pumpkin over to the right a few stitches so it didn’t stick out beyond the crow’s tail since I want it to be more condensed.  And I’ll have to see how many pumpkin leaves if any get added.  Once I get the pumpkin base stitched I’ll trace the from piece of the pumpkin to see how much room I have to play with.