Another October Sampler update

Here’s where I left off stitching Friday night on

October Sampler

October Sampler by Threadwork Primitives

And here’s  where I left off in the wee hours of this morning.


As you can see from the chart image below, that lower space is supposed to have  Oct. 1845 in it.

twp october samplerA quick search didn’t really find anything of significance for that month and year.  The Oct makes sense since the chart is called October Sampler but the year is likely random.  I may just put my initials and the the current year or maybe just the year and extend the vines on each side.  Maybe just the word October spelled out?  Not sure what I will end up with in that space but 1845 won’t be included.  What would you put in there?

One of today’s things I want to get to is to figure out what to stitch to mount in the center of this wee pumpkin.

luckyladydecor That front oval measures 3″ x 4″ so not a huge space.  I think I may try to fit the crow and pumpkin design from the Prairie Schooler Acorns chart.  If I stitch it on 20 count it should work – I may have to adjust placement of a leaf or two or leave them off but  I’ll cross that  bridge stitch when I get to it. 🙂

At some point I’d also like to get some of those other charts (the tree with the pilgrims is really cute for fall as well as the squirrel and cornucopia) finished into the acorn shapes – the finishing instructions and pattern for shape are all included in the chart as well as the large leave shapes behind them.


Happy Sunday morning – really early morning

It’s 1 AM so official Sunday September 19 and I’m just taking a break from stitching – I finally finished all the green stitching for the borders on October Sampler.  Whew lot of green but I really wanted to get at least that far tonight but I’ll be stitching for a bit longer since I’m wide awake.  Plus adding in the flowers and vines in that border goes fairly quickly since it’s not having to count out all those border angles making sure they match up with what was previously stitched.   So, I decided to post the Sunday Chart Adoption recipients from last week.

Chart 1 from last week was the Xmas Hare — Cindy F, I will mail off the chart to you if you send me a private email with your mailing address.  Congratulations!

CORRECTION 9-19-21 2:45 PM  – Cindy F kindly emailed me to let me know she had not put her name in for the Xmas Hare chart and likely wouldn’t stitch it so asked that I pass it on to someone else.  Thanks Cindy! Clearly I can’t be trusted to count and look at specific words at 1AM!!  So  Kathy Harris – you are the lucky person to receive this chart.  I will email you privately to let you know since you may have already read this post before it was corrected.

Chart 2 was Do Small Things With Great Love — Liz (frogquilter), email me privately with your address and that cute little chart will be sent off to you.  Congratulations to you as well.

Just for anyone who only reads the blog on Sunday – I have previously posted that the Sunday Chart Adoptions are now being discontinued.  In their place there will be Flash Chart Adoptions that can be posted any day, any time so just a heads up that there is currently a flash chart adoption running that has not closed yet.  Please read the Flash Chart Adoption information at the button at the top of the blog to find out how you can participate in those.

Okay – back to stitching for me after I find a new flosstube to watch since I’m caught up on the ones I usually watch.    Can I get all the flowers and vines filled in on the top and side border?  Likely not before I decide I must sleep but we shall see.