I forgot to add…

this photo to my earlier blog post tonight to show where I left off last night on October Sampler.  A bunch more letters added and I hope to be able to post a photo tomorrow with at least all the letters finished – if not a bit more.  I got nearly 7 letters finished last night.


9-17-21 Stitchy Update

I’m so glad it’s Friday – it’s been a busy week and for some reason I’m really tired tonight so hopefully won’t doze off during my Friday nite extended stitching time.  (I think the problem is that  I was extending my stitching time several nites this week and staying up way too late.)  My grocery order has been placed for tomorrow’s delivery so my task for tonight is done; dinner should be delivered shortly because I decided I was too tired to figure out what to make and I’m already in my lounging jammies.  So the plans for tonight entail catching up on some flosstubes, stitching, and all my floss for the Lincoln Sampler has arrived so I can start winding that and putting them on floss drops if the mood strikes.

As for the Friday “A Changed World” update – I  had hoped to work on framing mine this week but haven’t gotten to it yet but maybe for next week’s Friday update.    The chart was given away earlier this week in a Flash Chart Adoption so another stitcher can enjoy stitching that chart.   And be sure to check out Judy and Jo‘s progress on this project.   

Another Flash Chart Adoption was posted yesterday and has now closed for submissions (if you don’t know what those are and want to play along, click the button at the top of the blog to read all about them and how to become eligible to play along next time a Flash Chart Adoption is posted).


Yesterday’s Flash Chart Adoption was for the bonus chart included in my Coming to America kit which I had finished stitching. So here’s the statistics for that flash adoption:   

There were 14 comments.  Of those 14, 10 commenters were eligible for the challenge.  Of those 10, only 3 included the correct chart name which is Celebrate Harvest.  So  Kathrie2013, I have emailed you to let you know once you respond with your email address I will be mailing that chart off to you.    Stay tuned, you never know when a new Flash Chart Adoption will appear.  🙂   

Hope you all get to enjoy some Friday nite stitchin!