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it’s National Live Creative Day?   And here is the description of this day:  National Live Creative Day is a holiday that falls on September 14th annually and encourages people to look at the world through a creative eye. Although most people think of art as something only done by “artists,” this holiday posits that all of us are artists in our own right. That’s why we believe that everybody should take the time to celebrate this holiday and create the type of art they like to create.

So here’s my creativity so far for today – I stitched the “D” during my lunch hour.   I added the floss color used in the “D” as an additional color to the chart because it went so well with the other fall colors.  I’ll use it sparingly throughout.  I used it in the  that little border line started under the letters and I will use it for the letters in the alphabet that are my three initials.  I was hoping to be farther along than this but fell asleep watching Flosstubes last night which seriously cut into my stitching time! 

Also in honor of National Creative Day, how about another FLASH CHART ADOPTION.   The difference between Flash Chart adoptions and my normal Sunday Chart Adoption Day is:   Sunday Chart Adoption Days occur on Sundays (if I have charts I have finished with and can pass on to someone else to stitch and  you always have right up to the  following Sunday when I do the random number thing,  to comment on the original Sunday post where a chart(s) were offered for adoption, using the keywords provided  and following other Chart Adoption rules (click on page for adoption info at top of blog to get how all works.)   I will add the Flash Chart Adoption information at that same button eventually but basically the only difference is (1) Flash Chart Adoptions can appear on any day at any time other than Sunday and are open for whatever time period I randomly decide and you will not know if it’s open for one day, two days, 2 hours, etc. – it’s left up to my whim at the moment.  And (2) unlike Sunday adoption days where YOU are responsible for emailing me privately if you have been chosen to receive a chart to give me your mailing address,  for Flash Adoptions I will email YOU to let you know you have been chosen (because you won’t know what day to look for an announcement of  who the chart is going to).  Okay – everyone still with me?


This chart designed by Scarlett House (which Judy and Jo and I have been doing a stitch along on) I have finished (just need to find time to frame it) and loved stitching on this.  So if you are interested in stitching this chart (and please only play if you are interested in stitching it yourself), leave one comment on this blog post with the name of this chart.  


Happy National Live Creative day!

ETA 11:00 PM 9-14-21 — FLASH CHART ADOPTION HAS ENDED and the lucky recipient is Ellen B.  Ellen I have emailed you.   Thank you to all who joined in the fun – you never know when the next flash chart adoption may happen. 🙂


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  1. I was so bummed I didn’t put A Changed World in your previous adoption because I have drooled over it while watching you stitch it. If I should win, I’ll be copying your idea for the text box! Thanks again for the chance to adopt A Changed World.

  2. I’ve liked A Changed World since I first saw it in your blog. So appropriate for the last 1 1/2 years! Thanks for a chance to win.

  3. I’m a novice cross-stitcher but I would love to try A Changed World. Your finished piece is beautiful.

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