Chart Adoptions in the mail

Okay – I’m caught up in mailing all prior Chart Adoptions out to the lucky recipients. These are going in the mail today.

  • Grandfather’s Barn – Pam B
  • Grandmother’s House – Ruth C
  • Home of a Quilter – Carol P
  • Strawberries Forever – Karen W
  • Enchanted Alphabet – Carol D

Ladies I hope you all enjoy your stitching on these.

It is mildly annoying (and some days really annoying) when people who opt in for chart adoptions don’t bother to check back to see if they have been selected to adopt a particular chart they asked for. And to those who respond so quickly I truly appreciate it and am glad it is going to a home where it is really wanted.

So, I have several charts that have never been claimed – I think two of them have never been claimed twice already and I’m sure are feeling downright neglected. So here’s your chance to adopt the charts no one claimed: Berry Bird, Simple Gifts, or The Quiltmaker.



berry bird tartTheQuiltmaker

Leave the name of the chart(s) you are interested in stitching and at some random time (whenever the whim strikes tonight) I’ll do the RNG thing and post the adopter(s) of these charts.

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  1. Hi, Denise. Just catching up on your posts, lol. I just left a comment for the last post and am thinking that Simple Gifts would look lovely in my sister’s house. She has a small wall section just beside her fridge that needs something special. And thank you for the past charts. I really appreciate them. Have a great week. Hugs, Pam!!!

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