Chart Adoptions on September 13, 2021

Recipients of the “flash chart adoption” posted today (not to be confused with the normal “Sunday Chart Adoption Days”) are below so please email me privately with your mailing address.  (Flash Chart adoptions are done on days other than Sunday and are open as long as the mood strikes me for people to join in so you never know when one might pop up but same rules apply, must have a US Mailing address and email me privately if you are chosen to adopt a chart with your mailing address.)  These lonely charts will have new homes.

Simple Gifts – Margaret Kennedy

The Quiltmaker – Sherry Bobak

Berry Bird – Lori Campbell.   (Lori I saw your note and yes you were a previous winner but unless my computer ate your email I didn’t find it anywhere – even double checked the folder where I save all the chart adopters – but the cross stitch fairies must have wanted you to get this chart because the random number generator picked you again! 🙂


You may get tired of seeing this

But I can’t help  but show the progress since I am loving this project so much.  I added a fifth color in mine and I’ve been playing around with where I place my colors in October Sampler, no necessarily placing them where the chart says.  And while I don’t usually like stitching borders, this one is fun.


My two project bags arrived from Patchwork Pawprints  – I had ordered them before finding a seller for some of that cute mouse fabric sold in Europe I had previously posted but it’s raining and too dark to get a good photo of the bags.  I was a bit concerned about the bags because after the tracking said the package arrived in the port of New York from England, it suddenly took a side trip to Jamaica on 9/9/21 and allegedly are still vacationing there even tho they safely arrived at my door so I let the seller know that they tracking was wrong,  they were not lost and had arrived.

Now to go make that BLT for dinner.   I was hungry for a BLT and was going to have it Friday night for dinner.  I went to pull the bacon out of the cabinet  and the box was sealed and the box was EMPTY!!!  LOL  Oh well,  I may have to shake any future boxes upon delivery to make sure there is something actually in them.  So I added some to my weekend order (and yes checked upon arrive to make sure it was not empty).   So now I get to feed that craving.

Chart Adoptions in the mail

Okay – I’m caught up in mailing all prior Chart Adoptions out to the lucky recipients. These are going in the mail today.

  • Grandfather’s Barn – Pam B
  • Grandmother’s House – Ruth C
  • Home of a Quilter – Carol P
  • Strawberries Forever – Karen W
  • Enchanted Alphabet – Carol D

Ladies I hope you all enjoy your stitching on these.

It is mildly annoying (and some days really annoying) when people who opt in for chart adoptions don’t bother to check back to see if they have been selected to adopt a particular chart they asked for. And to those who respond so quickly I truly appreciate it and am glad it is going to a home where it is really wanted.

So, I have several charts that have never been claimed – I think two of them have never been claimed twice already and I’m sure are feeling downright neglected. So here’s your chance to adopt the charts no one claimed: Berry Bird, Simple Gifts, or The Quiltmaker.



berry bird tartTheQuiltmaker

Leave the name of the chart(s) you are interested in stitching and at some random time (whenever the whim strikes tonight) I’ll do the RNG thing and post the adopter(s) of these charts.