Chart Adoption Sunday – 9-12-21

Before I do chart adoption, just a quick pic of my start on October Sampler this afternoon.  If you want any details on it go to the post prior to this one.  The chart, the floss colors (doesn’t matter what it is – floss, yarn, quilting, furniture, clothing  I love Fall colors best), and this fabric which I love stitching on even if I am using strands, will all make this a quick and very enjoyable stitch.


And now that I posted this photo and see what I screwed up (isn’t that always the way – it is more obvious in the photo than when you just finished stitching it), I’ll be ripping out those three  separate stitches on the bottom petal (oh wait no I don’t have to rip I can just add more in) but that row should be a solid row all the way across the same as the row below above it and then the next row is 3 spaced stitches.  Easy fix.

On to the Chart Adoption – as always if you don’t know how my chart adoptions work – go to Chart Adoption Information button at the top of the blog and you’ll find all the info there on how to be a successful  chart adopter.

I do still have adopted charts to mail out from the last adoption day –   this week was just plain crazy busy at work and I forgot to put them in my bag to take to the office  and the prior week and a half I worked from home so warned they wouldn’t get mailed until a day when I was back in the office.  I will get them mailed this week one of the days I am there as I just grabbed them and put them in my bag.

So today I have two charts that are up for adoption (and 4 or 5 others waiting in the wings for another day).

Xmas Hare is first up – Keyword is Hare.  It was originally a kit to make a holiday card but I wanted to stitch it as an Easter decoration so left off all the background motifs and words.  it was done with a new to me floss that is sort of a little fuzzy and then after you finish stitching his sweater you take a little piece of Velcro – the prickly side – and pounce that over the sweater and it makes it more fuzzy to look like a mohair sweater.


You will get  the front cover, chart and what’s left of the floss.  Since I didn’t use any of the background flosses you will have enough to use for this stitch but since I did stitch the rabbit, you will need to use your own flosses or order more for that part. 

The second chart is Do Small Things With Great Love, a Lizzie Kate design.  It’s only 73 stitches by 41 stitches so a quick little stitch but I decided not one that I will be stitching so, if you wish to adopt this one, Small is the keyword.  I forgot to take a photo of the chart front but you can see what it looks like here.

Now back to my October Sampler stitching.  Hope you got some stitching time in this weekend too.


13 comments on “Chart Adoption Sunday – 9-12-21

  1. Small

    Hope that this week will be calmer for you than last. Have had cataract surgery twice in the past three weeks but its all done and all good. Take care of yourself, Denise.

  2. I love Lizzie Kate designs in general, and small ones are always fun as a quick stitch. I was out of town over the weekend and missed seeing your fun adoption game post until today. I definitely would have played along!

    • I deleted my other comment because I was reading your post wrong – yes I throw in a random game here or there just to see who’s out there or if I’m talking to myself. LOL

  3. Hi, Denise. Your stitching is always so lovely. And boy, are you a fast stitcher!!! I adore anything by Lizzie Kate and Do Small Things is just perfect for a motto to live by. Thanks for your generosity. Have a great week. Hugs, Pam!!!

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