Chart Adoption Sunday – 9-12-21

Before I do chart adoption, just a quick pic of my start on October Sampler this afternoon.  If you want any details on it go to the post prior to this one.  The chart, the floss colors (doesn’t matter what it is – floss, yarn, quilting, furniture, clothing  I love Fall colors best), and this fabric which I love stitching on even if I am using strands, will all make this a quick and very enjoyable stitch.


And now that I posted this photo and see what I screwed up (isn’t that always the way – it is more obvious in the photo than when you just finished stitching it), I’ll be ripping out those three  separate stitches on the bottom petal (oh wait no I don’t have to rip I can just add more in) but that row should be a solid row all the way across the same as the row below above it and then the next row is 3 spaced stitches.  Easy fix.

On to the Chart Adoption – as always if you don’t know how my chart adoptions work – go to Chart Adoption Information button at the top of the blog and you’ll find all the info there on how to be a successful  chart adopter.

I do still have adopted charts to mail out from the last adoption day –   this week was just plain crazy busy at work and I forgot to put them in my bag to take to the office  and the prior week and a half I worked from home so warned they wouldn’t get mailed until a day when I was back in the office.  I will get them mailed this week one of the days I am there as I just grabbed them and put them in my bag.

So today I have two charts that are up for adoption (and 4 or 5 others waiting in the wings for another day).

Xmas Hare is first up – Keyword is Hare.  It was originally a kit to make a holiday card but I wanted to stitch it as an Easter decoration so left off all the background motifs and words.  it was done with a new to me floss that is sort of a little fuzzy and then after you finish stitching his sweater you take a little piece of Velcro – the prickly side – and pounce that over the sweater and it makes it more fuzzy to look like a mohair sweater.


You will get  the front cover, chart and what’s left of the floss.  Since I didn’t use any of the background flosses you will have enough to use for this stitch but since I did stitch the rabbit, you will need to use your own flosses or order more for that part. 

The second chart is Do Small Things With Great Love, a Lizzie Kate design.  It’s only 73 stitches by 41 stitches so a quick little stitch but I decided not one that I will be stitching so, if you wish to adopt this one, Small is the keyword.  I forgot to take a photo of the chart front but you can see what it looks like here.

Now back to my October Sampler stitching.  Hope you got some stitching time in this weekend too.


October Sampler

Well that was easy to pick a new sampler to work on for Sampler September, the month many stitchers start/work on their samplers (much like Socktoberfest where knitters start socks).  And the October Sampler chart by Threadwork Primitives fits the bill and it was a quick job to pick the floss I wanted to use on it since nearly all was from one of the Victorian Motto packs of floss I got called Autumn in Vermont so of course lovely fall colors in it to choose from. 

Again the chart

twp october sampler

I’m use going to five colors instead of just four called for and they all have perfect names for a Fall stitch.  They are (L-R):  Vermont Red Maple, Cobblestone Moss, Woodsey Acorn, Vermont Autumn Leaves, and Vermont Haystacks.



And I also pulled one of the pieces of fabric that recently arrived which has a tan/gold/greenish mottle to it depending on the light it is viewed in.  It is 14 count so I’ll be using 2 strands on it and with the fabric size I’m using the stitched area will be 12-1/4″ x 6-1/8″ .

Guessing Game a bust

I posted a little guessing game yesterday just for fun.  There were 4-5 charts I have finished the stitching on since August 1 and some of those charts I was completely done with so could be passed on to a new stitcher to enjoy.  So the game was to make a guess as to what one of those charts was finished since  August 1 that you wanted to stitch it, leave the chart name or a description of the stitch so I could identify what you were talking about, and the first one to guess the correct one I had set aside for this game, would receive the chart.  Actually unbeknownst to any who chose to participate, I would have given all of them away if guessed correctly not just the one chart.  But that’s neither here nor there because no one guessed any that were available. 😦  

Now I didn’t want to make it too easy  (because all you had to do was scroll down thru past blog posts to see what was finished since August 1) it needed to be completely finished stitch everything in the chart (and some charts like Broom Hilda were from a booklet I posted that had several charts in it so I’m not ready to pass on that chart yet).  And some charts I always offer first to a friend with similar stitching tastes and of course no one knew which ones those were that were finished in that time frame that I was sending to her.  And if more than one guess was made (sound disqualifying buzzer here)  or more than one comment it didn’t count (but none of those included charts I was finished with either).  Yes I’m tricky that way.

There were only two guesses that might have qualified but unfortunately for the guesser those two are charts I am sending to my friend – Ever so Grateful and Jack in the Hat.  Sorry ladies. 

Most of the other guesses were for charts that have previously found a new home on Chart Adoption days and I had finished stitching long before the August 1 to date time period.   But never fear, there still will be a chance to adopt a chart later today since it’s  Chart Adoption Day!  

I did find it surprising  that no one guessed either of the charts I’d so recently finished  – Harvest Blessings and A Changed World – but I did say to only play if you named a chart you wanted to stitch and maybe no one wanted to stitch those. :-)Anyway stay tuned for Chart Adoption Day coming up later today  for a cute little chart that needs adopting. 

Since I finished the one Autumn Saltbox, I of course needed to start a new small project and Merry Noel by Brenda Gervais just happened to arrive in the mail yesterday with most of the flosses (I think I need to find a green in the stash yet) and I knew it would be pretty on that Fawn colored fabric I had posted a photo of on Friday.  So I got a bit of a start on it late last night.



As is obvious, I’m starting in the middle on this one with the urn. it should be a pretty an easy stitch. I think I will take this one in to work and leave it there to stitch on since filling in those letters will be a easy lunch time activity.

My Honest Abe – Lincoln Sampler chart that I preordered during Needlework Expo arrived yesterday.


Oh yes it is a very large chart and as I was looking thru the chart I was thinking “What Was I Thinking!!!” LOL I’m not always real fond of stitching borders and this one has a doozy along with all the other stitching – it’s a biggie and is going to take a while but the video of the finished sample is so vey lovely and the photos and chart cover just do not do it justice. I was going to start Honest Abe on the day he gave his Gettysburg address but decided I may move it up a bit to start it on the date Mary and Abe Lincoln got married which is Nov. 9. Or… you know me … I may start it today … actually no, the floss is on order so I have to wait. It calls for all DMC but I’m going to be subbing in some overdyed flosses in some of the larger areas so they have a bit of shading in them to add some interest (like Abe’s coat and Mary’s dress and the dog for sure).

But if I take Noel into work then I need a new project to work on at home and this one fits the bill since I love fall and I love the look of this project.

twp october sampler

I’m not sure what the significant of October 1845 date at the bottom is but I will likely just put in the year and my initials there.