One Autumn Saltbox finished




I finished putting in the final stitches on one of the Autumn Saltboxes from this Plum Street Samplers design.    

I changed it up a bit – swapping out colors, and adjusting the chart a bit in some places.  I left out the sun behind the smoke from the chimney.  I stitched the smoke itself in tent stitch rather than full cross and I also just filled in that upper square on the house where the pinwheel design was as a dark window.  The pinwheel is the only area that was charted for linen stitching 1 over 1 and as I’m an aida gal that simply wouldn’t work. I also added my last name initial in the pumpkin on the roof and added the year down the side.    Since I have all the four seasons of these charts, I may use the other fall one and one from each of the other seasons and stitch them all side by side in one piece.

Now if I could only find the bitty black hornbook I plan to mount this one – searched and re-searched all the same places again so will stop searching because apparently it wants to be found in its own good time.


Oh and Breaking News!!! the mailman just dropped a couple  bubble envelopes outside my door – my Honest Abe Sampler should be in one of those and a bunch of Victorian Motto floss I plan to use for a different project.   The Victorian Motto when I first stitched with it seemed to be tangling more than other floss.  I think that was partly due to the aida I was using it on – not one of my favorites and more stiff so the thread doesn’t glide thru as smoothly but once I started running the thread lightly over a waxer that solved the issue.    And the Victorian Motto colors are gorgeous and come in much larger hanks so for projects where you need more yardage they would be really good.  Can’t wait to rip into that package.  Hmm the other package I think is a chart I had preordered (not in connection with Expo).  I’ll try to remember to share all the goodies tomorrow.

And speaking of sharing – let’s try this just for fun.   If you are a regular reader you know what Chart Adoption Sundays are.  Well today isn’t Sunday but how about  a little game anyway and you can get the opportunity to receive one of the charts I’ve finished the stitching on if you guess correctly.   I was going thru the projects in my to be fully finished pile (thinking maybe the hornbook got stuck in there)  and had some projects in there I forgot I had finished.  So I pulled all the charts that I  am completely done using and can pass on to someone else to stitch.     I think there are four or five of them that I have finished the stitching on since August 1, but I’m not going to tell you which four or five those are so this will be a test of your memory (not that I believe anything I write is worthy of your remembering) but simple sleuthing skills can give you info to place a guess.   If you are interested in playing along , leave  one comment only  on this blog post before 12 midnight central time (tonight) with your guess as to the the name of  one of the charts I have completed and is ready to be passed on from my chart library.    It should of course be one you actually want to stitch since if you are the first to guess the chart I have set aside for this purpose, I will send it to you (must have a US mailing address).  And it doesn’t need to be the exact name – if you give a little description so I can recognize what you are  talking about that will suffice.    if you leave more than one comment for this game (and there are those that always do when I say only one) – you will be completely ineligible.

The lucky person will be announced tomorrow during the normal Chart Adoption post (if anyone is daring enough to play along and venture a guess on this) and there will of course be a normal Chart Adoption tomorrow.

Happy guessing – I’m off to rip open Stitchy Mail.

7 comments on “One Autumn Saltbox finished

  1. Nice salt box stitch finish, it looks great and your needle is flyin’!
    As for the chart adoption I hope it’s, Ever so grateful. I just finished my Thankful, Grateful, Blessed small quilt with wool appliqué wallhanging that I played with ruler work quilting on it too. So I’m in a grateful kind of ponderings enjoying the many blessings.

  2. What a fun a game of clue! Broom Hilda and the little star sled, cabin in the woods and elf with candy cane ! Many more lovely finishes you have done! Certainly makes me smile when I see them and the frames you select for each project.

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