Harvest Blessings completed


This was a fun stitch – hmm I say that about pretty much everything I stitch don’t I but heck why stitch it if it isn’t fun!  This one seemed to go speedier than normal, I think because it didn’t have a huge amount of color changes.  The chart is actually called Celebrate Harvest by Brenda Gervais and it’s an exclusive included only in the Coming to America, The Women of the Mayflower, kit.  The fabric is a  it darker than shown in this photo – it’s a very sunny day here and it was washing out the colors (and it’s going to be a hot/humid day again).

I did change some of the colors and the year at the top was charted for  one over one on linen in the chart – the only thing that was charted that way – but I just pulled a different number chart from my Brenda Keyes Sampler Motifs book and finished that off.

I’m going to have to remember this chart for the corn in it – Judy and I had been talking about each doing our own personal sampler – stitching items into it that have meaning / invoke memories to each of us.  For instance, we agreed mine needed to have a little bed on it since when we were at a quilt retreat and shared the top floor of the cabin, she short sheeted my bed.  🙂   Well the corn part of this chart will come in handy since I had a part time job involving corn.  In a village of about 500 where I grew up summer jobs were few and far between but we had a huge farm down the road that grew corn for the cannery and there were always summer jobs detasseling corn.  It paid well but was the WORST job ever – at least for me – because did you know that if you sunburn your lips walking up and down corn rows all day, they will swell up very badly.   When I was recently visiting my parents somehow that came up in conversation and we were all laughing about that summer job.   I survived that summer  (wearing a bandana tied over my mouth  to keep the sun off it the rest of the days) but may I say again – the worst job ever! 🙂  So I definitely will need to stitch some corn into my sampler.