Stitching update – Friday 9/10/21

For those looking for the Friday update on A Changed World, I’m reposting from my Monday post when I showed it all fully stitched.  I need to do the framing – frame and everything is here just need to find time.

DSCN1118  If you want to see close ups of it go to the Sept. 6 post. 


Don’t forget to check out Judy and Jo’s progress on their stitching of A Changed World.  Those who are stitching along with us, how are you doing?   Please post a link to your blog in the comments or if you don’t have a blog you can email me a photo to share for you.


This week I’ve been stitching on Harvest Blessings so yes, another photo of where I left off before going to work this morning – got a bit of the table cloth stitch.  It was supposed to be some drabbish color  but I decided my pilgrims needed a bit brighter table cloth.


I also finished off the basket of corn. I’m hoping I can get the table and most of the man stitched tonight.

A fun package in the mail earlier this week – the dyed to order fabrics I had been waiting for. The one on the bottom, Fawn, is 18 count and the others are OOAK 14 count.

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  2. Your finishes look great! Wanted to thank you for mentioning the ToDyeForFabrics shop. I’ve been trying to get various colors of fabric and I think I found some that will work. Looking forward to getting my order next month!

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