Harvest Blessings Update

Harvest Blessings

Just a quick update. I finished the lady pilgrim, added another scrawny turkey (neither has legs yet or eyes) and working. on the basket of corn (suspended in mid air until I get the table and basket done). This is a very fun stitch.

5 comments on “Harvest Blessings Update

  1. Love the phrase”Harvest Blessings”… Something to p
    Ractice daily.

    Wild turkeys are scrawny. Keep on stitching

    • The wild turkeys that live around me are definitely not scrawny but I think the ones in the chart are just trying to not look like they would be good for Thanksgiving dinner .

  2. I like the Thanksgiving chart. I’m still slowly plugging away at my fairly large stained glass chart in between quilting. Might get it done before next Christmas.

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