It’s a wee pumpkin

I’m not sure what I was searching for on Etsy – or if I even was searching for something because this might have come up on it’s own in my Etsy feed – but I needed to have one of these wee pumpkins.

LuckyLadyDecor on Etsy

I think I got the medium size which measures at its tallest and widest points 5″ x 6″. That center oval is rather small but I think I might have to cross stitch a little raven, or leaves or something else fun to mount on that center spot at some point, but it’s also cute all by itself and will fit nicely in the little cubbies of my revolving bookshelf.

I did in fact start on Harvest Blessings that I posted about yesterday, pulling floss and some left over fabric last night (refraining from starting the much larger Coming to America design). I got the words done and most of one scrawny turkey stitched and then started on the woman’s skirt. I have maybe half of the called for flosses and am just substituting on the rest of them.

Isn’t that little pilgrim guy cute – he’s the needle minder that was in the Coming to America kit.

And very exciting, my charts for the Cottages of the Month have arrived, along with some aida I had ordered a while ago but it’s dyed after your order it so takes a while to get, and some floss I’ve been waiting for has arrived today too — it was a happy little package day outside my door when I got home. I haven’t even ripped into them yet. Oh and one of my Needlework Expo chart preorder has been shipped – the one with the Honest Abe sampler so looking forward to getting that so I can get all the floss ordered. I do have a couple colors already for ones that I was changing from the original – Abe’s suit and Mrs. Lincoln’s dress, and there might have been one other color, but most of it will be done with DMC.