A Changed World is FINISHED!!!!

At 1AM I sent Judy a message that I had just put the last stitch in A Changed World!  I love this project – it was such a fun one to stitch and I’m anxious to get it framed.  Here it is in all its wrinkly glory. 🙂



I got a bit more stitching done on the design for Blackbird Designs Weekend SAL I started this weekend. This is going to be a cute little finish. I posted yesterday about some little changes to the design I’m making and my color changes since it is all done in one color in the chart.


Now that I’ve finished A Changed World I’m itching to start another larger project.   Currently those in the running are Coming to America 

coming to america

or  Jack Frost’s Tree Farm (another multiblock project similar to the style of Farmhouse Christmas that I want to stitch all as one instead of separate blocks),

But then sanity takes over and I think maybe I should just continue to work on the smalls I have started, finish making the sled pieces I need to stitch, and pull out a Dog’s Declaration, which is a large sampler I have in the works but haven’t worked on in a while.  So I compromised a bit (and didn’t go all crazy starting a new big project now).   I’m  going to work on all these things (Smalls already started, sleds and Dog’s Declaration) AND as I was looking at Coming to America I forgot there was a little bonus chart for a Small in with the kit.  I’m going to start that one now since it’s Fall / Thanksgiving themed.   Love the pilgrims, the basket of corn on the table but those two turkeys are a bit scrawny looking for dinner. 🙂

Harvest Blessings

9 comments on “A Changed World is FINISHED!!!!

  1. I love what you did with the text box on the bottom. It’s not overwhelming like when it has the dark background.

  2. Oh Denise, I know you are feeling great that A Changed World is finished. I am having trouble with The Friendship Tree! Lol It has been so long and this 16 count Aida is not helping even with my magnifier. The ole eyes are not helping much at all. I am debating if I should rip it all out and start over or just keep going. No one can really tell unless they count! But it’s hard for me if there is a mistake! But Congratulations on finishing A Changed World. I bought the pattern but have two patterns to do to get back in the swing. I have never used anything but Aida and would like to try linen but just don’t know!

    • There is probably something off in all my stitches and the only time I rip back is if I notice it right away or there’s no way I can make any of the things that fit in around the mistake work and leaving the mistake in would throw everything off. As for trying linen – if you want to try it I would suggest getting a small piece of it and trying a small project. The equivalent of 16 count Aida is 32 count linen and that means stitching over two threads on the linen but it’s also twice as many threads per inch to see.

  3. Congratulations on finishing A Changed World. It’s so pretty! I really also love the little pumpkin one!

  4. I love it! I really like the yellow you used and the flowers that frame the piece looks great! I’m not loving the yellow I’m using so I can’t see it as my border. I did a test section with white, and two paler yellows and surprisingly the white looked better. It’s subtle so I’m still thinking I may do the blue. I had plans to change the order of the flowers in the upper band but by the time I got to them I was too tired to do that so it’s going to be white or blue. Looking forward to seeing your piece framed!

  5. Your changes really improved the sampler. It looks great! What fabric did you choose to do Harvest Blessings on?

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