Sunday September 5 2021

Here’s what I decided to start yesterday for BlackBird Designs Weekend SAL. It’s called Waiting for the Harvest from the Winds of Autumn book. Here’s a photo from the book.

waiting for the harvest

I wanted to stitch it on a darker colored fabric and didn’t have any floss that I liked for stitching it all in one color (and I would  have gotten bored stitching it all in one color) so I’m using a couple colors.  The other thing I’m changing – see how there is a partial pumpkin on the very right edge, and an even smaller part of a pumpkin at the very left edge – that off center thing really bugs me so I will be stitching the three pumpkins and then finishing up the rest so that it is even and centered.   

Here’s my start from last night.

waiting for harvest

So far I’m using DMC Black, Weeks Sweet Potatoe, Weeks Arrowhead, and Victorian Motto Sampler thread Summer Green.  It’s my first time using a Victorian Motto thread and I’ll withhold full judgment until I use it a bit more.  It seems to have a bit of a sheen to it, which is pretty, but it seems to tangle more than the other flosses.  It comes looped with a longer thread length than other flosses so maybe that’s the issue and my strand is just too long so I’ll have to experiment with that.    I had to rip out one crow.  Just as I was finishing the last stitch of it I realized it was in the wrong place – I had put it back to the left on that other straight section of vine.  So ripped that and got a new one put in the correct spot.    I think I’ll do the initials in black but haven’t decided yet what color I’ll make that third pumpkin – either a yellowy gold or use the Sweet Potatoe for that one too. What do you think?

Today I will be pulling out A Changed World to finish stitching the one corner flower I need to do and a last basket of flowers and then I will be done!

It’s Adoption Day Sunday but once again I can’t think of any charts I’ve finished that I haven’t already passed on so nothing to adopt this week.

3 comments on “Sunday September 5 2021

  1. I vote yellow gold. Pretending I know what I’m talking about. Lol. Anyway, I like the idea of another color pumpkin.

  2. Love that fabric you’re using for your background. I vote for yellow gold too. I finally moved to the bottom charts for A Changed World so I’m thinking it will go faster because of the words and not a lot of color changes. Then I’ll attack the flowers all around the border.

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