Saturday September 4, 2021

Today is off to a really dreary start.  After rain off and on all day yesterday, the rain has stopped (at least for now) but it is dark and gray and hopefully any rain will hold off until my grocery order has been delivered which should be soon.

I stayed up way too late last night because I decided to start watching a moving about 12:30 AM or so.  I didn’t get as much stitching done as I had hoped because I also had the Christmas Ornament magazine to peruse and a couple new patterns to check out.  But here’s where I left off last night on the saltbox stitch.


That blank square in the house is supposed to have a pinwheel stitched in it over one.  Well that’s not happening on Aida.  I tried stitching it in as satin stitch but didn’t like that either and ripped it back out.  I will probably just stitch some other simple quilt  block in that place.


This is the little easel I showed yesterday from FQS.   That’s a 4.5″ square ruler clipped to it – the perfect size for a finished stitching project.  I knew when I saw this easel, I wanted it to put on my breakfast bar and put some sort of monthly or seasonal project on it that I could switch out.  (and I clearly loved this little easel so much I ordered more than one accidentally).   Judy and I laugh at each other because from time to time we each order a duplicate of some chart (it’s that whole put it in a cart, talk yourself out of it, decide yes you want it so add it into a cart again or get it from a different site then go back to an original order and place that too – a vicious cycle) 🙂  And of course when we discover that we have received a duplicate, we email each other saying “do you have this, do you want this” and have a mailier going to put all the extras in.    See now you know how crazy we really are.  🙂  But one of these easels will be put in that mailer for her, one will be used for me, and I think one will be used as a gift with something stitchy on it  because not only did I order the ONE I wanted, I ordered THREE.  I think I had a separate cart page open in the background where I had already added one (or maybe two) and when I placed the order it used everything in my carts.    But it’s a cute an inexpensive way to mount a stitchy project.

And I’ve already decided what I will stitch to put on it.    Country Cottage Needleworks Cottage of the Month.

Country Cottage Needleworks Cottage of the Month

I of course like the July one best – patriotic and it is my birthday month – but they are all cute.  They are charted for 16 ct Aida but if I stitch them on 18 ct they will be the perfect size for the easel.  I got them as a pack of the complete set of charts from The Happy Little Stitch Shop since I was watching one of her flosstubes about what was new/updagted in the shop and she had just added the option to purchase all  rather than having to select each individual chart.  You can see larger images at the link on Country Cottage’s website above.  My plan is to stitch them on fabric from the stash – not all necessarily on the same color – and just pick similar flosses from the stash.  So will hopefully start on January in the next month or so  – with my plan to stay ahead of the game so I can start displaying them each month when the new year rolls around.

Other stitching plans, since it’s Sampler September, I hope to finish off the stitching on A Changed World.  I’m anxiously awaiting my Needlework Expo preorders.  Of the ones I ordered, I’m most excited about Honest Abe (Lincoln Sampler).

I have the fabric to stitch it on and once I get the chart will work on pulling floss but was trying to figure out when I want to start on it.  I was trying to link it up to some important date in the life of Lincoln and decided to start it on the date he gave the Gettysburg address which is November 19 and it happens to fall on a Friday this year so a Friday night start and a whole weekend of stitching on it to start out with.   It’s a very very large project and certainly won’t be done quickly and if I finish it before November of the following year I will be happy.  The images just don’t do it justice but Judy had seen it on Finally a Farmgirl’s flosstube (episode 14) and so I had to check it out and seeing it up close definitely made me want to stitch it.  Anyone else planning to stitch this that wants to stich along?  It’s more of a “Start” along since I will be stitching on other projects as well as this one and maybe just post an update on the first weekend of each month.

Speaking of first weekends – I just realized it’s a Blackbird Design Weekend SAL weekend.  There are two smalls – well one is small and the other might have a lot more stitching to it – in the Winds of Autumn book that I’ve been planning to make so maybe today I will start one of those.

I think today, of this three-day holiday weekend, is going to be my “lazy” day.  I haven’t accomplished much so far (other than grocery order which was just delivered  before it started raining again and has been put away) and other than starting a load of laundry or two will just putter round and of course do some stitching.   Tomorrow I’ll tackle that breakfast bar (among other things) that constantly accumulates “stuff” and tackle some other cleaning.  Hmmmm now to figure out what to binge watch while stitching today…….