Friday September 3, 2021

9-1-21 changed world

It’s the Friday update for A Changed World and the update is there is no update since I last posted this same photo two days ago. Don’t forget to check out Judy and Jo’s progress.   The last couple days I was stitching on and finished the stitching for Broom om Hilda which I previously showed and last night I worked on the saltbox house small I had previously started.


which looks like this, and  I am just working on putting the cherry on the roof  (because doesn’t every little house have a cherry on the roof??).

I didn’t have the called for color for the lighter side of the house but once again, my favorite faded red color, Lancaster Red, was perfect for it.

saltb ox

I did have some fun mail arrive today – a package from Fat Quarter Shop.  The quilt pattern I had been searching for and I also ordered the background fabric I wanted to use for it since I knew I didn’t have a large enough piece of anything in the stash.  It’s jut got some grayish wisps on the black — fog coming in on a spooky night perhaps. 🙂

quilt pattern

easel Also this little metal easel.   It’s small – the whole size is only probably the size of a 5×7″ frame so a cross stitched small of 4 to 5″ square would look cute on it and its small enough to fit on the shelves of my revolving bookcase.  So that might be a fun display for a small project.


Also a package from an Etsy shop arrived.  I had preordered the 2021 Cross Stitch Ornaments Magazine  issue so have been waiting for that to hit the shops, and I had a little floss and two charts – patriotic ones which are contenders for that piece of aida cloth I got with the patriotic flags printed on it – so I will have the magazine and charts to look at tonight for entertainment, plotting and planning.